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new member: banned from P.E. Forums

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new member: banned from P.E. Forums

Greetings from a new member,

I used to go by the username wols0003 at P.E. Forums. I recently questioned DLD’s measurement in a pic that he posted. I marked off the inches on the ruler (using Photoshop) so everyone could clearly see the truth about his size. I made certain not to slam him or call him names. I simply analyzed the photo that he posted. After this, I recieced a series of pm’s and board replies from longstanding members (see thread “DLD’s Pics” Members only area) supporting my post and rebuking DLD’s claims that I am a trolling flame thrower. Anyway…. here I am. This forum looks very active, and I understand that you guys called DLD in his BS a while back so Congrat’s for that.

* if you see the pic that I posted of DLD’s measurement notice that I had a huge brain fart and actually gave him an extra inch by starting the ruler at 1” rather that 0.” So what appears to be 9.5” to the pubic bone is actually only 8.5.” I corrected the pic and tried to post it, but could not because I had been banned.

I have been jelqing with dedication for roughly a year and a half. My starting size was 7 15/16.” I am now 8 3/8.” Girth has also increased, but the measurements are a bit iffy. I started with the penimaster the first week of April. April—six hours per day, every day. May—six hours per day, every day. June—12 hours per day…yesterday and today I am taking off because I’m sore between my head and the shaft (this is my first time off since I started stretching). By the end of May my measurement appeared to increase by 1/4.” However, I’m not totally convinced that I have achieved real gains. I guess I’m a skeptic by nature. If I measure another 1/4” I’ll know for sure that it’s for real and not the result of bone pressing harder or a superman erection.

Guys…I’m looking foreward to using the forum. At PE forums I was mostly a lurker. To be honest I always had serious doubts about DLD and I just decided that I should keep my mouth shut and wander around the board. I knew that if I got involved in the discussions, I would eventually call DLD on his BS. Oh well…I did call him on it, and I got banned for it. Such is life.

later guys


Glad your here bro, this is truly the free pe forum site. I’m not sure who banned you I’m still looking into it. Your not the only one that spoke out and got banned one of the mods here also got banned over it.

Well any way welcome to thunders


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Wow….So DLD was lying…that’s hard to belive, kinda sucks, that guy was always super nice and helpful to me.

I think even if his mearsurements weren’t honest (which I don’t know, and don’t really care) everyone of us who uses any of his exercises owes him a great deal, I consider him one of the few pioneers if you will, and he took it to another level. I just want to give credit where credit is due.

Hi wols.

Banned from PEForums eh? Never mind, it could be worse.

I know what you mean about not believing the ruler, heh. The mind likes to play tricks on you!


I’m with Dino on the looking into it thing. I asked who banned you, no one has fessed up yet. Perhaps it was Big Al, but he hasn’t been around much lately with his move and all…

I do want to make a point that it was NOT proven that DLD is lying. I think the main discrepancy was that he claimed going from 10.5” to 12” on his site, but didn’t say it was flaccid stretched not erect. I know before the A-stretch and blasters, he stated his BPEL and BPFS were very similar, but he still only claims a 10.5” erect penis. Supposedly he is going to take steps to fix that, but I don’t know…

wols, in my view you made some assumptions that you have no way of verifying when arriving at your conclusion that he must be lying. You can’t look at a pic and conclude that where the ruler meets skin that must be the pubic bone. DLD has stated before he has a large fat pad, and if you factor it in to your assumption, his statements get much closer to dead on to his claims.

Additionally, many have assumed that since he measures from the side, he MUST be dipping below the pubic bone and including inner penis. I know that in my own circumstances, I have a spot on the side of my shaft that is much easier to get a ruler firmly against as it avoids lig/fat tissue, but is on the same plane as the pubic bone on top of my shaft. Measuring from this spot as I’ve always done allows me the most consistent results. Yes, I could dip below this spot as many of you seem to think all who measure from the side do and tack on 2 more inches, but I am not. To automatically assume side measurers do so is ludicrous.

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Wasn’t me banning anyone either. Shit I don’t even know how to move or prune threads. Don’t let that get out though.;)

Shit. I am going to measure from my asshole forward. Ha! 11” was never so easy.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


Good to have you here. You’ll like it. Nice folks and a lot of them trying to figure out why gains happen or not. Plus a lot of exotica - sort of a PE Mall.




Looking at DLD’s pic it is pretty clear to me that he is pressing above the pubic bone, into the lower abdomin (not below the PB and not on the PB). You can clearly see the ruler disapear at a point above his pubic hairline. When you bone press, do you press at a point above your hairline?

Anyway…I don’t really care to go back and forth on this issue. But if I’m called on it, I will.

Welcome wol!! I’m sure you’ll love it here.

Originally posted by twatteaser
[Shit. I am going to measure from my asshole forward. Ha! 11” was never so easy. [/B]


Hey Wols,

I new here as well… Welcome

By the way, that photo shop pic was very ingenious —I hope you read the PM that I sent you before you got banned.

I totally agree with you about bone press measurements, they should be done form the top not the side.


I want you to know that I have a lot of respect for you, but please don’t be hard on Wols, Size, or Dino. After all, I’m the one who first questioned DLD’s pics. He’s a very friendly, helpful guy, but his measurement techniques leave a lot to be desired.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Welcome aboard soldier wols.

As mentioned previously, this place is the real deal :)
I attempted to join PE forums a while back, but it would not let me join due to the fact that my only email is a hotmail one! And I got no response from emailing the webmaster, so I just said fuck it!

Whatever the circumstances, it is a good thing to be critical. If you think something is bunk, debunk it! I think more people should follow wols example!


Indirectly, yes he is saying he is 12” erect on his site. If I didn’t know DLD and I saw the caption under the pic were Jen is holding his erect penis that said “The Picture below is Sexy Jen posing with DLD’s new 12” x 7” Gains.”, I or anyone else would assume that he means 12x7 erect. The erect dick pic right above it has the same kind of 12” captions. It is misleading by omission, whether it is intentional or unintentionally negligent.

He has a nice site and a knack for helping people, he would have been very successful without all of the smoke and mirrors.




Welcome to Thundersplace! What you’l find here is a dedicated bunch of people truly committed to sharing our collective knowledge of PE, support and advice all for FREE. No strings attached! You won’t regret being a member here.


I banned him…………. oh wait….. I am not a mod at this p.e. site. sorry, to much beer. :)

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