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Need some advice

Need some advice

Well, this is my first time posting here. I’m not sure if my question pretains to PE but here it is.

When me penis is flaccid, it points straight down. Now when it starts to fill will blood, my penis tends to limp over to the right (when looking down apon it). It continues to twist until there is enough blood in the penis to get it erect and stand straight (there is no pains just to let u know). Also, when my penis is standing staight up, if you look down on is, it looks like it is twisted a bit and leans to the right a bit (might be from masturbating with my right hand, i switched hands now). What i really want to know is if the techniques used in PE will help solve my problem and help my penis grow straight when becoming erect and not flopping over.

I hope this message isn’t to confusing, if you need more explanation, relpy. Thanks and i hope to get some great responces.


Yes PE can help with your bend. Lots of people have slight bends. The fact that your erection develops in this manner is pretty normal sounding to me.

Hanging/stratching can help small bends. Jelqing in the opposite direction to the bend can help.

PE can also increase the bend as your erections harden.

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