Quick advice on extra skin getting in the way of good pumps

Hey guys,

So I don’t know if many if any of us newbs will have this problem but I sure as hell have and now I’m gonna rectify it for you.

So, I have a good grip full of extra skin at the base of the shaft which is a pain when trying to get a good solid pump when jelqing. It gets in the way and it starts to chafe. I have researched it and the main advice to get rid of this seems to be ‘hold it back with the other hand’ and do a sort of weird switchy hand grip thing that is overly complex..

Tried that, didn’t work so I looked at the problem more carefully, tried a few things and I have come up with a ridiculously simple conclusion..

More lube!

I don’t know if this advice is on here, I couldn’t find it but hey ho, adding advice is better than asking questions right?

So yes. Very simply if you have that pile of excess skin at the bottom of you shaft, simply add more lube. You will find very quickly, the hand glides over the excess, doesn’t catch it and this allows for much cleaner strokes and bigger pumps.

Cheers lads, happy pumping