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Need Advice...

Need Advice...

Ok. I’ve been peing a few months now and I’ve tried different stuff and I’ve found that jelqing palms down for about 10-15 minutes a day 5 days a week works best for me. The palms down gives me the perfect hardon level and it creates a really good pull compared to palms up. I have one problem though. When I do it with my left hand, soon after beginning the stroke there is a rolling over sensation in my penis near the base, like some thing - some nerve or small ligament is rolling over something else creating a sensation of slight give. This doesnt happen with my right hand. My guess is the left hand puts the pressure on the opposite side of the penis which is stressing something and causing it to behave like this. After a while, this area begins to ache. It doesnt feel good.

Ok. Do you guys think a one handed jelq routine can work? I really like the effect that palms down gives because palms up makes me too erect and I cant really move the blood around so using palm up for left and palm down for right doesnt really work for me.

When alternating hands, it keeps some blood in there because of the speed and because you can land before previous stroke is over. Using just one hand allows some time for blood to escape. Do you think I could clamp slightly with my left hand right after finishing the stroke so as to hold a little blood in there while my right hand repositions for the next stroke?

Does anybody use a one handed jelqing style? I’ve tried altering the palms down grip and it still creates this problem generally unless I really twist my wrist and again palms up makes me too hard. I also find palms down gives me a much bigger appearance so i want to stick with it.

Anybody have any advice?

Thanks for any help.


I tried that but then it doesnt get as engorged at the end of that stroke. But I think this will have to do.

Hey good idea. I’ll try it. Thanks!!

Well, Im gonna try it, but I doubt it will work as it seems to be just the way the structure is on that side - i feel something inside slip over a vein or whatever and its a very queasy sensation - like a slipping. I think I will just avoid the beggining on the left hand stroke or maybe I’ll try and pull with less force or just twist my wrist a little to avoid that spot.

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