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My routine, overdoing?

My routine, overdoing?


I am currently 12cm length, 11.5cm middle-girth.. Want more of both,

My routine is:

- Warm up: warm soaked sock, 5-10minutes + PC-squeezes

1. Rotating stretch 2x 5 slow rotations

2. V-stretch 5sets (base and middle) hold 15secs
Inverted -II-

4. BTC-stretch 2x3min

5. jelq 8-10 min + 1min pump-hold

6. clamping 3x10min, some 5 minutes recovery between each set

- relax: warm sock 10min, massage

Am I overdoing it? I am yet to see any gains witht his.. Having doing THIS routine for 1month,.. clamping 14weeks.

This took me some 70+ minutes… too long? WHat should I cut?
Doing too many stretches? WHat stretch of the above has gotten people the most gains?


70 minutes is long ? I can PE for anywhere between 2-3 hours !! But that’s because I am a uni student and have the time ;) Lucky me !! :D

Well I am a student as well, and have time :)

But is there some potential dangers with PE:ing long? I mean, .. well as long as one keep the blodd flowing and warmth then maybe it’s OK.

Just keep circulation in mind and make sure no discoloration occurs and no bleeding. If your penis is really exhausted and can’t get an erection, then you should stop and take a break as this is a sign of over training.

I started off hard and as a result gained next to nothing. I’m still learning and searching for advice, but mine to you is- do a search about less being more. Alot of people think that if you push to hard before your piece is ready then it goes into defensive mode and becomes highly conditioned (the opposite of what you want right now), which makes sense if you think in terms of muscles (though the penis is not one). When you stretch your muscles you have to ease gently into the stretch and increase the tension over time, otherwise the muscles tighten as oppose to loosen and you end up with an injury. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of the newbie routine is to prepare the penis for the more advanced exercises and so a little conditioning is needed, but if you take it slowly then gains will come and at the same time your dick will become more used to the exercises(conditioned). There are so many threads now about how important it is to take it slow and I just wish that I had found out sooner because now I have to work twice as hard to get half as far, if you know what I mean.

Alot of people like me have to take long periods off because a decon-break sometimes reduces the penis back into the condition (or close to) how it was when they started and many experience gains after this by taking it slow. I know you want to gain a lot and fast but this really is a long process. Being a student, you MUST know how important it is to do as much research as possible to gain a firm understanding and a good foundation so that you can make the best out of this forum and its members.

If I were a newbie again, I would do long gentle stretches- easing into full extension, releasing the tension slightly and hold the stretch for at least one minute. Over time gradually up the duration of the hold. Stretch in all directions and check your lot to see if you can ‘maybe’ gain some easy length. With stretching, time is the key. Jelq aswell, but do 4-5 second strokes at about 40-50 reps to start with and gradually up it. You might think that your doing nothing but I have read so many posts from people who have done this and gained. Just remember to take it easy at first and GRADUALLY up the ante. Besides, if you start so hard you will not be able to progress as much in terms of routine.

P.S. I know a lot of people will disagree with what I have said but this is my interpretation of what I have gathered about PE. Don’t discard anything that you read or is said to you-keep it all in the back of your mind even if you don’t try it because you may be able to relate it back to yourself later in your PE career. Put simply, don’t just listen to me but don’t ignore my advice either (it took a long time to write damn it! lol)

I’ll post again if I remember something.

P.P.S. I wouldn’t recommend clamping at all until you have been doing PE a few more months at least, done correctly it can have crazy results (BigGirtha) but done incorrectly or too soon it can set you back months.

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