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My PE Observation.....Barometer?

My PE Observation.....Barometer?


I have been doing PE for just over 2 months and still consider myself as a Newbie. One thing that I’ve noticed in this short time is the quality of my morning wood and nocturnal erections.

After about 2 weeks into my program, I started noticing more frequent morning wood and stronger erections overall. My routine consisted of primarily jelqing and some stretching. After about 1 month, I noticed that my erections weren’t quite as strong any more and morning wood wasn’t as frequent.

I immediately started searching the forums to see where I went wrong. After a few days of searching and reading, I came to the conclusion that as an over zealous newbie, I was over training (started hanging, clamping and increased my jelqing).

Sure enough, I backed down my routine and my erections strength came back as well as my morning wood. Hence, I was wondering if this can be used as a type of barometer that newbies can use to make sure that they don’t over train. Any thoughts?? Can there be a direct correlation between erection quality and over training??

Let me know what you think.


Poor erections are an indicator you’ve already crossed the line. Don’t deliberately try to PE to the point your erections suffer.


maybe I worded things wrong. The point I was trying to make is; continue your routine as long as you have a good quality erection. IF you notice your erection quality starting to fade, then you COULD be over training and should lighten up on your routine a bit.

Sorry if there was any confusion. Unlike quite a few that I have read on here, I was never a great writer.


I agree, and I’m glad you posted this. We’ve had a relative lull lately in the number of newbies complaining about weaker erections, and this is a good reminder to not overtrain. You are a textbook case. But you also figured out the problem and solved it. :)

Sometimes it’s from only one component of a routine. A few guys, very few, are extremely sensitive to stretching. Even what seems to be a mild stretching routine knocks the pep out of their wood.

I’ve noticed intense girth work sometimes causes my head to reduce in size when erect. After easing up and/or taking some time off it perks back up.

Hanging, clamping and jelqing all together is quite a bit for only 2 months in. Be careful.


I’ve only hung three times with my homemade wench (Thanks Cappy!!). I have done clamping several times and I only keep the clamp on for 5 - 10 minutes.

I know now that it was too much for only 2 months of PE, but what can I say. It’s fun and I was anxious!! I decided to wait another month before I start hanging again. I want to make sure my unit is ready for it.

The vets know enough not to over train, but us over ambitious newbies don’t know any better. So, maybe if we can pay closer attention to our erection quality, it may prevent us from over training or, injuring ourselves.


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