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Multi-purpose Pe Device

Sometimes I get a baseball bat shape after an aggressive clampathon. Usually 15 minutes at 10 in hg evens it out.

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Originally Posted by sparkyx
Alternate clamping sessions of one at the base, with what you are doing… it should even out.

Thanks for that. This may just be a post-session effect. Time will tell. But I’m going to try spacing the clamps apart, or I’ll try what you’ve suggested.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Usually 15 minutes at 10 in hg evens it out.

10 hg for 15 minutes! Doughnut city for me!!

I’m going to try what I suggest above. Do you get doughnuts when you pump at the pressure?

I only get doughnuts from pumping if I go over 15 minutes at 10 in hg, or if I do more than three sets, but mostly if I don’t stay hard in the tube. This is why I’ve pretty much replaced pumping with clamping, I can get by with less of an erection. Seems I’m less prone to doughnuts caused by pumping after clamping sets, I don’t know why. Could be that clamping collects fluid at the base and mid shaft whereas pumping collects it around the circ scar, so one routine kind of cancels out the build up caused by the other, or at least in my case. Probably every dick is different though when it comes to weak spots where fluid builds. However, I think the dick is tougher at the base with just about everyone.


I just got a PM from a member saying that they are putting warnings on clamps now. I’m not sure if he was serious. Be funny it it were true, though.

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Back to the drawing board on clamp width

Aristocane has just posted on his thread that he has indentions in the area where he wears his multiple clamps. He also feels the indentions are permanent: I have these too, but like the fluid buildup I sometimes get with multiple clamp sets, I can pretty much massage them away with dry jelqing and/or moderate pumping. For me this seems to even them out to a more uniform shape along the shaft. In the past I have always felt that we should engorge as much of the shaft as possible, thus only using a single clamp, or if two or three are used they should be pushed as deep as possible against the fat pad. I personally have never gained any girth directly beneath the clamp only between the clamp and the head and at the base. I’ve always just contributed my base girth to the heavy hanging I did in my first two years of PE, but it may be more attributed to aggressive clamping I’ve done this last year. I guess school is still out on that one. But I have to admit that these new ideas about growth near the clamp, above and below it feel theoretically sound to me. However, in light of what aristocane has just told us about his indentions, this tends to strengthen the concept of keeping the width of our new clamp narrow, or at least no wider than three CableClamps.

We just need to dig deeper until we find out why constriction does what it does. But most of all we need to find out what possible injuries this kind of routine may bring about down the road. Unfortunately, this may be something we only learn with time.

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Big Girtha

How is it going with the clamp/hanger/PM head device? Any news?


Last I heard from monkeybar he said just after New Years. I’ve had quite a few members PM me about this device. You guys need to direct your PMs to MB instead. I know he has several projects in the works right now, like the silicon sleeve (SuckExtender) and the ball stretcher thing. I’m sure he will concentrate his efforts in the order of the most requested device. I think he is out of town for the holidays, but I’m sure he will get to your PMs when he gets back.

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Its coming along fine - bit delayed but design seem okay so far. The design isn’t the issue, rather trying to make it so that its easy to mold and cut for production. I’ll post after the new years.

BG - sorry for the delay, just sent you something.

I can’t wait, one device, to hang, ADS, and clamp!

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I like it.


Thanks. I just got the package. These little sleeves feel great, like the pussy on Virtual Girl;) But will they hold up to the jagged teeth of a CableClamp? Or would a Bib hanger tear them up? What if we use this soft silicon on the inside and the tougher silicon like is on the Extender Head clamp on the outside. That way it will be Virtual Girl soft against your dick but tough enough on the outside to take a beating. But I can see a lot of possibilities with this sleeve. It would be perfect for doughnut prevention while pumping for one thing, and maybe used like with the Suckextender idea.

Good work, Chief, and Happy New Year.

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How much longer do we have to wait.

Any more news?

Did you know America ranks the lowest in education but the highest in drug use? It's nice to be number one, but we can fix that. All we need to do is start the war on education. If it's anywhere near as successful as our war on drugs, in no time we'll all be hooked on phonics

- Leighann Lord

Let's get this thing right

We shouldn’t rush this thing. Better to get it right. With a lot of input from our collective heads here we can come up with the perfect device

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No Nukes

I’ve been using the clamping sleeve for about a month now and its hold up fine. The only way I lose a sleeve is when I stretch too much to put it on - never from the clamp.

As for the device, I’m going to push back the development - I want to make sure its worth while device.

This might be a little late, but I’ve been using an extra-thick wrap with a 50mm medium-duty c-clamp to clamp my bib shut. If I use the c-clamp to get a good enough grip on my ‘inner-penis’, so that I don’t get skin-stretch (so that the hanger virtually doesn’t slip at all when I add the weight) I’ve found I get a better lig-stretch than at more then twice the weight with a looser bib (where there’s lots of skin-stretch forming a kind of cushion at the head.)

It seems to apply the force directly to the ligs/inner-penis.

If you’ve got a bib it might be worth getting a c-clamp to test it so see if you get similar results (it could cut a lot of the hassle out of hanging)

I stripped the thread on my bib’s tightening bolt trying to get the same grip. The c-clamp I’m using has a huge thread so I can pretty much get the grip I like.

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C-clamp Hmmm

Mr. F. That’s a pretty innovative idea, never thought of using a C clamp. I’ve tried everything from the large CableClamp to the Neo-natal BP cuff, and so far nothing will keep the Bib starter clamped with weights over 20 pounds. Seems like the foot of the C-clamp would slide over the hard surface of the Bib. I guess you would have to grip it right in the center. I may have to give that a try.

Thanks, MB on the new device. I know it takes time, you can’t rush quality.

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