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Multi-purpose Pe Device


Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Seems like the foot of the C-clamp would slide over the hard surface of the Bib. I guess you would have to grip it right in the center. I may have to give that a try.

I attach the c-clamp where the tightening screw originally fit.

I was planning on using a larger clamp in the way you described but found it near to impossible because it kept slipping (I’m not too handy, but I’m guessing if I were able to machine the bib so that it had wells for the C-clamp to fit into it’d clamp down just perfect).

Since I’ve been able to get the tighter grip I’ve dropped my weight down to 1.8kg (4lbs) and it’s still giving me a good work-out — really hitting the ligs (and my morning wood just won’t quit)

It seems to apply the force directly to the ligs/inner-penis and not distribute it through the skin. It seems to me that if you get a lot of skin-stretch the force ends up distributed in different ways.

I’d recommend to any beginning hanger to use this method and lower their weights right down (I’m pretty sure I should be able to gain this way, but time will tell (I’m hoping the hanging I’ve already done hasn’t conditioned me out of gains at lower weights, but I’m pretty sure I should be fine judging by the pull I’m getting).

It seems that the tighter the grip & the less the skin-stretch, the better the pull on the ligs (I’d say it’s worth looking at)

Basically, if I had to summarise in a single sentence, I’d say my one addition to the Multi-purpose Pe Device wish-list would be a strong/medium-duty tightening thread (if it’s going to have a thread) — one much stronger than the bib-hanger’s (I stripped the thread on the bib-hanger’s tightening-bolt trying to get the grip I wanted)

Also— I use a regular bib which probably helps (I have to use a lot of wrapping)

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Mr. F. I guess I misread your post. I thought we were talking heavy weights like 20 pounds and up. I’m think a rat tail file might cut notches for the C-clamp in the middle of the Bib.

Yes I agree, if MB can’t get the ClableClamp type closure to work the threaded bolt may have to be used, but I think it should lock in so that it can’t pop out. Easy for me to say, he’s the one that has to build it.

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Any news?

I know that we can grow some inches when we pump the blood to the penis continuously..
This gear will stimulate penis and make it hard. My question is, is it can be a tool for penis enlargement?

And my second question is, if I can manage an erection for longer period of times, lets says.. 1-3hours, does it help my enlargement process?

Please, I need some advice from you all..


Yo Roslan
You need to start a whole other thread with this question. This thread is about a new device that we are trying to build.

You shouldn’t get on threads and ask a question that is completely out of topic, that is called hi-jacking a thread. Like hi-jacking an airplane and forcing it to go where you want to. Just like in airports it’s a very big NO-NO here also.



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