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Most intese girth exercises?

Most intese girth exercises?

I’ve decided that I need really intense girth expansion to actually gain anything.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a few years now and have only gained about 0.25 inches of girth… which I think was from erect bending.

Could some of you tell me what you think are the most intense girth exercises… I’m willing to try anything.

I know about horses and clamping and erect bending… is there anything else out there?

Might have a look at Orange bends - near erect bends, so to speak (which allows you to focus on one area at a time, which in my opinion means a lot less risk and a lot better chance of actually putting good pressure girthwise) and this link Jelq Roll (be sure to read the linked thread).

regards, mgus

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I have a little bit of an update.

As I’m looking for new intense things to try out I did something new last night.

I did some semi-erect bending and then tried some really intense horses.

I got basically as hard as I could and then squeezed my head with a decent amount of force… not as hard as I could as that would probably just burst blood vessels and cause blood to get through the clamped area.

I haven’t done this in recent history and it seems to have worked. I could never get over 0.25 inches gained in girth per session and I seem to have gotten almost 0.375 last night… only after the horses though.

It seems that for me personally that trying to expand my wang when it’s as rigid as possible gives me the best gains… as opposed to some people who like to work at say 80% erection.

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