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does anyone here use a tourniquette for girth exercises? - plus girth questions

does anyone here use a tourniquette for girth exercises? - plus girth questions

If so, what do you use (besides hands)? Whats a good safe household item to use effectively? Cockrings are out of the question because my upper shaft is over an inch (maybe even 2!) thicker than my base and lower shaft, so it wont fit right.

The base of my penis has been a huge problem since starting PE. Every girth exercise I do only expands the top shaft. Perhaps its because I started with such a short length, and had a smaller area to work with. I have even gained about an inch and a quarter of length through hanging, and this has added ZERO size to my base girth, despite what other people have experienced.

Reverse jelqs, horse squeezes, bruisers - all these for some reason just expand my upper shaft. So I figure tying something around my base really tightly might help, but everything I have tried - theraband, cloth, silk - are ineffective.

My cock looks really STRANGE, because of this extreme difference in size. Even the baseball bat analogy is too mild to describe my penis’s particular look. I must fix this.

Any help appreciated.

Try a ponytail elastic (for hair). Get the kind without the metal crimp that joins the ends together; i.e., consists of one continuous band of elastic. Put it as far down to the base of the shaft as possible (you may need to double or triple loop it around the shaft—just like when you put it around hair) and watch your base girth expand immediately! However, be extremely careful, monitor it frequently, and don’t leave it on too long.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

A strip of theraband will work also.

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