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Jelq Roll


Jelq Roll

I don’t know what you guys call this or if it has been discussed here before but I have stumbled upon this new excercize that has retired all of my other excersizes including jelqing. And I am a big advocate of jelqing, believe me. I have been refering to this excercize as the Jelq Roll.

Right after a nice hot shower or bath I grab my member and squease it and do a few dry jelqs, just enough to fill it with blood. This does not work with any more than a 25% erection. Your dick has to be like a balloon with just a bit of air in it. Very stretchey and plyable. I then put a towel on the counter top and lay my dick on the counter. Using a cylinder shaped object, like a rolling pin, I use a small can of hairspray, start at the base and push down firmly. Slowly work it back and forth slightly and move forward ever so slowly forward. By the time I get to the head it is humongous! This whole process of each movement takes about 1 minute. I then grab my unit, squeaze it a few times and a dry jelq or two and then do the process again. After about 5 of these, I am truely amazed at my process. To me it makes good sence though. I think it is much more efficient than just grabbing your dick with your fist and jerking it around. This way none of the blood can escape your movement and you get maximun, even stretching from inside.

I have done this for about 2 months now and I have gone from a big cock to PORN COCK! I am happy to say that Mrs V is once again having trouble with initial penetration. Heh Heh Heh I plan on doing some measureing soon and I will let you know how I am doing. Please don’t ask for pics. I just cannot do that. Every time I get a good hard on, as soon as the camera comes out, it tuns into a big floppy. I just cannot do the camera thing.

Now, please understand, this is not for newbies and you have to be VERY careful! THIS I FOR VETERAN PEers ONLY. If you do this and pop the end of your cock off, don’t blame me! There is a tremendous amount of pressure here. There is also a tremendous amount of gains as well. I have the same results, more really than after 1/2 hour of dry jelqing before. I don’t have a oiley mess to clean up and this excercize does not take much time at all, therefore no suspicious time spent in the bathroom for those of us that are doing PE on the sly. Also, I don’t walk around with tired hands anylonger.

I have been jelqing, stretching and clamping for a couple of years now and none of them, even the clamping has given me what I am getting from the Jelq Roll. My hard-ons are incredible. No brusing or discoloration and the head of my cock looks like an apple has been glued on to the end! I love that indeed. My cock is very veiney and it seems to be growing evenly and not deformed looking.

For you experienced PEers, try this for a week and let me know what you think and if you get the same results as I have. Heck, go try it right now and let me know your reactions. You will be amazed.


regards, mgus

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Thanks for the link Mgus

I dissagree with the author of that thread however that it only works on girth. You can check out your dong stretching with every nudge you give it with the roller. But then again, I don’t just roll it once. I keep solid pressure on it and work it in pulses until I get to the head and then I just stay there for quite some time making the head pulse with pressure. Quite a nice workout indeed.

See the dvm51’s post on the second page of

Really Want Girth!!!!

He did the same exercice but with both hands instead of a roll or a bottle. You can grab your penis or use a clamp, which without any doubt makes the exercise even more intense. It’s the number 18 on a list I made of girth exercises in the Spanish forum:

Compilación de ejercicios de grosor


I gotta say that this did nothing for me whatsoever, lol.

It’s possible that I was doing it incorrectly, but it just didn’t seem to do anything.

I got about a 25% erection and layed my wang on that table and started rolling on it. I felt a slight pressure, but nothing that great. It just didn’t feel to me like it was doing much so I stopped after a couple of minutes.

Was I doing something wrong? I’m willing to try it again if you could give me some tips.

Thanks :) .

Boy it sure does a lot for me. Just takes moments every day.

I lay that big boy up on the counter and I gently and slowly roll from the base tot he tip. After a few rolls, I squeeze it a few times to get some blood in it and then comes the real workout. I roll it to about the circum scar and then stop because of all the pressure. I just keep nudging it for some time and it stretches from the inside out very nicely.


I don’t want to bash your method or anything… it just didn’t seem to do anything for me… maybe I was doing something wrong.

I’ll try it again for a bit longer and see what happens.

I’m definitely going to try these.

If anyone has had any results from this exercise (or any similar exercises), please post your results!

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Well guys, I am happy to say that I have just changed my stats on my signature from 7.25”bpel to 7.5”bpel!!! This is clamped measurement. I am very happy! I am Mr Happy!

All I have been doing is this roll excercize. I do it every day. No days off. Whether I feel like it or not. Sometimes I do it both morning and night.

I don’t just roll it. I do just roll it for about 7-10 times. Then I kegel some blood into the unit and roll it very firmly up to the circum scar. Then I just rock the roller back and forth slightly but firmly. It hurts really but I get quite a bulge. It feels like the head is about to popp off! Then I roll it for about 7-10 times and etc. I do this for about 7-10 times each workout.

I am more sore every day than I ever was with jelqing, Horse 440s or even Clamping. I really like this excercize. And no discoloration!

So today I decided to measure. I got out the clamps, put them on and VOILA. 7.5”!!! My flacid does not seem to be longer but it sure shows up in my boners. I think It is getting a bit girthier as well but I did not check that out. I was expecting Mrs V to come home soon so I got the clamps on and off quickly.

I have been doing these every day now for about 1 month I think. Like I said before, no days off and sometimes twice a day. I have huge, pusing erections. Mrs V has been very happy lately. ; ^ )

You put a clamped measurement in your sig? Don’t you think you should indicate that? What’s your real BPEL?

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Originally Posted by memento
You put a clamped measurement in your sig? Don’t you think you should indicate that? What’s your real BPEL?

Good point. I made that correction.


Ah so the girth measurement is clamped. Got you.

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Originally Posted by memento
Ah so the girth measurement is clamped. Got you.

That is correct. It is about 6” when not clamped. I got today’s measurement by jelqing a few times and putting on the clamps. No real workout. However if I clamp, off and on for about 45 minutes, my girth gets well over 7”. Now, I did not measure my girth today, just the length. My girth seems to have gotten bigger as well. My point however of the post is not to show off my stats, although I am happy about them. My real point was to say that I believe I am getting some good gains by this “rolling” method. I am hoping others will try it and chime in if they have any success with it. I think it is a great excercise that needs to be looked into more closely.


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Sure, it’s just maybe harder for people to judge what you’re getting when they are used to taking a couple of days off before measuring so they get a stable measurement. Also if you are measuring length clamped there’ll be the dual effect of increase from the stretching of being clamped and decrease from the increase in girth pulling back length. It seems very hard to understand what a stable measurement would be and therefore what you are gaining or not.

Going from a clamped girth of 6.25” to one of 7” in a session is an impressive amount of stretching.

I think this exercise is similar in concept to using jelq sticks, i.e. that it tenderises the tunica. Anything that can safely distort and break down the resistance of the tunica to growth seems like a good thing.

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Originally Posted by memento
Going from a clamped girth of 6.25” to one of 7” in a session is an impressive amount of stretching.

I think it is too. I could hardly believe it the first time I did it. However, the second time around, another weekend, I did it again and then I was convinced. Since then I have talked to a couple of member on this forum and they have experienced the same thing. I’ll tell you what, afterwards your dick looks like a balloon laying on the floor the morning after a party. It is STRETCHED OUT looking indeed. I was told by a member that if I did this often and consistantly, my girth would really sprout out. I jsut don’t have the time.

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