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Most boring part of PE


Originally Posted by Redwood1981

Even though heating takes time, it isn’t just for preventing injury, check out this thread on the use of heat with PE.

Yeah, I know that there are speculations about the benefit of heat in respect to gains. But without any more evidence of this, and my lack of time, I will continue trying without heat.


Supersizeit: I know what you are talking about. I am myself a long distance runner (at least I do long distance running), and man do I get bored with it sometimes.
Especially during the long cold and dark winters up here. I really have to press myself to go out for a run. What I can do with pleasure 3-4 times/week in the summer, becomes a pain to do 1 time/week in winter time.

The thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that the pleasure will come back in springtime and if I only keep on struggling I will be much better fit when this happen.

In a sense the PE boredom is the same. Some days, you don’t feel like it at all, but you know that if you just keep at it, one day the desire and pleasure of doing the exercises will return and if you kept going during the hard time you are in much better shape.

Anyway, I am still very sensitive to feeling what kind of exercise I believe I can stand doing day after day in the long run. And I understood early that I won’t be able to continue jelqing for 20 minutes a day for very long. It is too hard mentally to get the focus and energy to keep up the right erection level.

Some days you have much other things on your mind, some days you simply don’t feel like it, and some days you are in too much stress to focus enough for it.

Manual stretching on the other hand, doesn’t take that much of mental focus and I find them very easy to do almost every day.



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