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Men who should not be taught PE

Originally Posted by mravg
I thought it was a government of the people, by the people, for the people..

With some over imagination reservations vs reality I am leaning in this direction. There are restrictions on Thundersplace already in place I guess that will do for now, it will have to.

I think I will start a thread:

PE’ers who should not post/start a thread.


Girth gains for better sex, length gains for a worthless ego boost.


Maybe you should make it a poll.

How is this information going to help my dick grow kingpole?

Next time I bump into a paedophile, or a rapist I am going to ask him if he PE’s, and if he says he does, I am going to tell him to stop it. I’m going to say “stop it, alright, just stop it!”

Anyway, PE isn’t a privilege, it’s hard work- practically and theoretically. Maybe if these fuck-knobs PE’d they wouldn’t have enough time to rape and touch little boys on the bum!

Anyway enough of this, Kingpole you wasted 10 minutes of my life. I shall never get it back! Thanks a million!


Originally Posted by supersizeit
People who would use their new size to make others feel inferior or not up to par in order to boost their self esteem.

Very wise statement.

Originally Posted by kingpole
6- Cheating Husbands and Men that cheat on their girlfriends.


Fucking other women, and the desire to fuck other women is part of a man’s DNA. For my gay friends on the forum, replace the word women with men.

It’s not something to be ashamed of, it’s not something to ridicule, it’s in your DNA. What if the wife is loving, but not sexual? What if the stray sex is just that, stray sex, and nothing else?

It’s none of anybodies business, who we have sex with, and just as important, who profits from it. Not the governments, not the citizen’s, nobodies business. What’s the use of PE if we cannot share our gain with other(s)?

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Lets assume the desire to fuck other woman is in our genes (and I believe that it is)

How does desire to fuck other women translate to “cheating is OK”?

i.e. you can have the desire but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow through on it and if you do decide to follow through on it then you can always tell your wife or GF that you are going to do this so that they cant label it as cheating.

What happens to your relationship after you follow through is totally aside from the point I’m making.

Ask yourself…Is the desire to lie to our partner also in our genes? or is it just the desire to fuck?

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OK, the men who cheat on their girlfriends with OUR women. Is that better?

So how would all this be enforced?

What about Shemales??

I feel weird seeing breasts and a bigger man down there.

Good point. She-males should definitely be arrested if they are ever caught jelking, or with weights on their dicks!

Horny Bastard

You act like P.E. is some kind of reserved priviledge that should only be reserved for the “best” people who “deserve” it the most. Honestly, mind your own business. Pedophiles, not their fault. Usually a result of abuse during youth. Rapists, death sentence, big whoop. As for the rest, none of your god damn business.

I think no one except for me should be allowed to P.E. and I think that I should have the biggest penis in the world and the biggest house and the nicest car and the most money… whoop. Is that happening? No. Am I crying about it? No. There’s a reason why we are not all perceived as one person, it’s because we’re all different people with private personal lives that are none of your business.

Exceptions lie in rapists who don’t even deserve the death sentence.

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How about a 16 year old pedophile who raped a 10 year old girl? In what category is he? Serious. I mean, he`s still underaged…

Originally Posted by kingpole
5- Husbands that neglect, and dwell not in knowledge with their wives.

What the hell does this mean?

Especially the “dwell not in knowledge with their wives” part?

Was this taken right from the bible? (John 11:3-4, God forbids him to do PE)

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I can’t believe we are still talking about this ridiculous topic.

Horny Bastard


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