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Men who should not be taught PE

You could become a superhero and “weed them out” by night.

Then again what’s the saying - those who hunt monsters ought to be careful they don’t become one themselves.

explain #4….

I violated #4.

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Originally Posted by kingpole
About #6, I never really thought of that.
About #5, I need to clarify this more. If you are referring to dwelling in knowledge with wifeypoo. Yes, She may be wondering why your member has gotten so big, and why sex has improved. What I really meant was. If you have a sexually transmitted disease should you not disclose that to say a newly blushing bride. If one has HIV it should be disclosed to the sexual partner at the time.

About #4 Perhaps maybe an older brother can disclose PE info to a younger brother. Adult males run the risk of exposing a minor to sexually explicit materials to a minor which is illegal.
Persons under the age of 18 seem to be violating the “no” means “no” phrase more than those older than 18 due to lack of legal education and statutory rape laws which are in most states. They lack the maturity level.

About #3 Fathers who neglect their children they brought into this world should be flogged with a willow stick. Most children are first abandoned by their fathers or step fathers it is pandemic.
But then you can’t legislate PE I wish you could.

#5 I agree with the HIV part. But how can you get HIV from PE?

#4 I am sure there are some members here who are younger than 18. It is also illegal for a minor to watch porn but I am sure you watched some porn before you where 18. People go through the mazes and get the information anyway, laws on this part are stupid.

#3 I would rather been born and neglected by my father than not born at all.

I can’t believe this thread has 20 posts! I can’t believe I’m posting this…..

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Perhaps a new thread approval committee should review all future postings.

People who would use their new size to make others feel inferior or not up to par in order to boost their self esteem.

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7

I don’t really understand what you list has to do with PE and what PE has to do with morals. It’s like saying someone on your list shouldn’t be able to use a lawnmower. Some of the people listed on your list should be punished but PE should not even be in the equation.

Exactly. This thread is so dumb.

I think teenagers should have access to PE knowledge.
I think bad people are bad.
Why don’t we start a thread about people who shouldn’t get ice cream for desert?

Horny Bastard

All of the groups in your list suggest some sort of moral judgement be made with the exception of number four. As BigGirtha said, what do morals have to do with PE? I can understand the reason behind restricting PE and sites like Thunder’s to adults, if for only legal reasons. However, I see no logical reason for restricting (if that’s even possible) the other groups from doing PE. As for shooting people in various groups, as some people have suggested in this thread, I’m not sure how that helps or put us on any sort of higher moral ground.

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Originally Posted by paulski82
As BigGirtha said, what do morals have to do with PE?

I think you mean Dino.

Horny Bastard


Anyone who isn’t me.

Originally Posted by Sizemeister

Anyone who isn’t me.

Me, hah hah!

Maybe if these men learnt pe they wouldn’t rape or be pedos,you never know what hang ups these men have ,personally I think they should be shot,but I reaaly hope that pe can bring a brighter future.

As for under 18,s peing I doubt they even care,my 14 year old step son has an enourmous penis not that I’ve looked on purpose ,he’s a lucky bastard and puts me to shame.


Everything except the injuries we incur with PE for the most part are positive. Why waste your time on the negative aspects. Forget about it. I learned along time ago not to dwell on things we can’t control ie our corrupt government, and other worldly diplomats, and the sick individuals in your aforementioned expose

not to dwell on things we can’t control ie our corrupt government

I thought it was a government of the people, by the people, for the people…

Horny Bastard


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