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Megalophallus through PE

It makes sense as you get older you start getting less night wood and you start to lose size. Through PE I now get night wood all night sometimes it almost hurts like it’s going to split the skin. I’m curious to see if bigone0749 gets a gain, keep us informed

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Should you avoid taking any over the counter drungs that may cause vasodilation, or any particular meds, such as stimulant or SSRI medications, in conjunction with Viagra? I have taken the V before but I’m kind of freaking out. I definitely don’t want to go into a priapism condition because I was vasodilating on something else and did not know it.

BTW, deSol, that is a cool evolutionary theory you have there.


MDC, I understand but isn’t the tunica stretched a lot in a vacuum pump?

It seems that perhaps it’s also the duration of the episode that irreversably stretches the tunica, not just the intensity of the pressure… unfortunately, you’d probably damage yourself if you pumped that long.

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Originally posted by koknballz
Should you avoid taking any over the counter drungs that may cause vasodilation, or any particular meds, such as stimulant or SSRI medications, in conjunction with Viagra? I have taken the V before but I'm kind of freaking out. I definitely don't want to go into a priapism condition because I was vasodilating on something else and did not know it.

BTW, deSol, that is a cool evolutionary theory you have there.

Big took two different erectile drugs (Viagra and it sounds like the other might have been a prostaglandin compound) within hours. That caused his problem.

Viagra by itself, unless you overdose yourself, carries little risk of priapism. The SRRI class of antidepressants are very often erection downers in the long run.



Originally posted by magnumforce
MDC, I understand but isn't the tunica stretched a lot in a vacuum pump?

The thing with pumping is it’s pulling at the skin rather than the tunica. The much of the end result is that you get a temporary enlargement through edema.

I’ve read somewhere a while back in the pumpers forum that if use use a pump with a pre-existing erection then it works somewhat better. I guess that would make sense.

Years ago I read a couple of the sickle-cell/priapism/hypertrophy articles in their entirety. The only explanation they considered for the extreme enlargement was a prolonged “anaerobic” condition in the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosa (the corpus spongeosum and glans remained normal sized). They compared it to skeletal muscle development through exercise producing an anaerobic state.

It didn’t make sense to me at the time, but now I’m wondering if limiting blood flow in the penis for a few hours, and hence oxygenation, might not trigger some sort of growth. Would it make a difference whether the anaerobic condition included trapped blood (like from a tourniquete or cock-ring) or didn’t (like with a tight over-all wrapping)?


I recently tried something similar and increased my flaccid girth .25” in 3 days. It has been 10 days since I started and the increase was after 3 days and has not decreased.
Even par

evenpar- More details please! What about your erect girth?

I have been maintaining erections with a cock ring frequently for 30mins at a time. I also sleep with a cockring.

The "average size" is usually over-estimated. Small guys don't take part in surveys and big guys jump at the chance.

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I know this is not new, I read something like this on Thunder’s a year or so back. I have tried it many times in the past, but for 15-20 minutes max.

What I am currently doing is with one of my wife’s pony tail holders (a thick fabric cover rubber band) with an erection I place completely over my cock and balls, then with then one more loop over my cock.

I leave it on for 30-45 minutes and remove it, shake it out to increase the circulation and with as close to a complete erection, I do again. During the whole time I check for coldness and numbness by pressing my penis against my leg and if it is cold or numb I take a look and if needed I take it off early.

The first 2 days I did this my flaccid girth increased from 4.5” to 4.75” and I have maintained it for over a week now. I currently am up to 60-90 minutes up to 10 times a day. I realize it might be some swelling, but even my wife noticed it feels and looks thicker.

I recently read a thread Advocet started about PEing at work. Well this is what I have been doing every day for the last week. I even played 2 rounds of golf this past weekend. Every 4 holes or so I would remove it and then put it back on.

My current erect girth stats have not changed EG is 5.5” EL is 6.1”.

I sorry for the delay and the long post, but I am at work and yes I am wearing the what my wife calls the “Harness.”


p.s. Don’t sleep with this on!!

I just quit the srri drug I was on yesterday. I’ve been on it two years and it really fucked up my erections. For me it didn’t stop libido, I actualy think that went up, but I couldn’t get hard like before I went on the drugs. On rare occasions yes, but most of the time no. I’m hoping that after two or three weeks, which is the time it stays in your system for, I will be doing good for erection strength. Of course I get a ton of problems when not on the drugs but oh well, I’m going to have to deal with them, because I want to get bigger and I think this is a very key factor ( erection strength, which expands smooth muscle to the maximum.

What I was wondering was do you guys know any natural type vasolidators? When I get money I will order some generic viagra, to if anything else do a thorough cleaning of my arteries. Because as I said my erections have been soft for like 2 years, and I was getting night erections sometimes but not very good ones, except as I said on rare occasions. For now is there anything you guys know of that really helps vasolidation? Another thing is yesterday I stopped drinking caffeine to, as I was off it for about a week and noticed an improvement in erection strength.

Evenpar I’m going to buy one of those hair elastics like you. After I work out, for an hour or so I want to have an erection. I’m quite interested in this topic as well, so hoping to keep it bumped.

I think lurky may have a point about the duration of erection. Isn’t it interesting when your body wants to give you a super hardon, it doesn’t seem to involve your kegel muscles. Of course as I mentioned above this has been fucked up for me in the last few years with srri anti depressants, and possibly other problems like caffeine, diet and level of physical activity.

I think its quite logical to assume that if you were getting serious hard-ons for substantial portions of each 24 hour period.. Like merely hard hard erections all night as you slept. That in itself would force hypertrophy. Heck even hyperplasia is possible with the penis, we don’t know. However we do know hypertrophy in the penis is a proven scientific fact from these studies. I also have an asumption that being in an anabolic state would matter. Clearly most americans are in an anabolic state from the incredible nutrition we have. But stress takes you out of this state, as it spurs the catabolic hormones. Why I mention this is that srri depresents are incredible stress relievers, I wonder why they interfere with erection strength, and natural processes like night erections. My guess is that they screw with your minds ability to concentrate on anything without substantial willpower. I wonder if your unconcious self while sleeping, uses erotic thoughts to make erections, and it has difficulty keeping those thoughts constant.

Another question I have is why sickle cell anemia causes priapism? I was only able to read the summaries of those articles you linked, am I missing something on how to read the article in its entirety? Or does anyone know of where other links discussing the subject in depth are?

I will search around the net later tonight or tomorrow for information on this. If this thread interests you, can you do a little searching to?

My final thought on this, is dld we know has gotten substaintial hypertrophy in his penis. I noticed he worked out everyday, then afterwords he would take one viagra pill. Dld also was on srri anti depressants, so I assume this is why he had the viagra was that he was having erectile difficulties. I wonder if by expanding the tissues, and then taking viagra giving yourself a super hard on for a sustained period, would give that super hard on in the expanded tissue area, causing the megalophallus response. Hell you might get the megalophallus response without the exercise, that would just drastically speed up the process. Now please note that a healthy individual may not need viagra, and indeed it might be detrimental over the long run. I know very very little on vasolidators, and their long term and short term affects. Another thought I have for the non viagra man, is working out right before you go to sleep then allowing the hard night erections to really expand your penile tissues, because you just worked them out pushing them beyond their normal limit.

I know some of you have thinking on this, feel free to chime in even if you disagree with some of the thoughts expressed in this thread.

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I have used this process everyday for 13 days. I have gained exactly .25” of flaccid girth since the second day and my flaccid hang seems to be slightly increased also. At first I thought the increase was nothing more than swelling, but after 13 days?

My theory is, if you have a constant or near constant erection some growth should occur. I have taken a break from hanging for a few weeks to try this out.

So far I have noticed less shrinkage in the shower and even when I play golf and if I have to pee, (it is cold). I can honestly say my flaccid girth actually feels “thick and meaty” if that makes any since.

I hope this makes sense.


Originally Posted by randolf
I just quit the srri drug I was on yesterday. I’ve been on it two years and it really fucked up my erections. <snip> What I was wondering was do you guys know any natural type vasolidators? .

Randolph, I know herbalists recommend ginkgo leaf extract to counter-act the anti-libido effects of srri’s. I can’t speak to that as I haven’t taken the antidepressents, but it is one of the supplements I’ve found effective for reversing my trend towards less-than-full erections. I recently tried an Argininge Alpha-Ketoglutarate supplement from GNC and found it did wonders for my lasting and repeating quickly. Expensive though; about $1.50 per day. I don’t know if the body builds resistence to it.

Ginseng powder also produces at least some of it’s effects by regulating NO2 and vasodilating. Also generally good to firm up erections that have lost some, but not all, of their momentum. I can buy the ginseng powder locally and load my own capsules pretty cheaply, but the fancy Arginine delivery system produced better results for me.

thanks for your reply sower. It turns out I had some old bodybuilding supplements lying around. One of them is twinlab male fuel. It has:
yohimbe bark extrat ——- 800mg —- read online this appears to be a vasolidator.
(standardized for yohimbine)

L-Arginine HCI —— 2800mg —- sounds like cum volume.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract — 60mg — your info is all I have on this, so that is what I’m going with:)
(standardized for 24% flavonoid glycosides)

Natural Vitamin E — 400IU — I can’t remember what this does, but it does something

Zinc (from zinc picolinate) 30mg —- studies have shown with boys that 0 zinc intake = 0 testosterone output

L-Tyrosine —— 100mg — I am not sure what this does, I will look it up tonight

Vitamin B-6 50mg

Saw Palmetto ——— 120mg — this is why I stopped taking this, it stops dehydro testosterone, or (Serenoa Repens) Extract whatever the 3rd type of testosterone is. The kind that is responsible for the androgenic male characterists, good and bad. As arbitrary as saying good and bad is in this case;)

Phytosterol Complex —— 120mg — not sure what this does.
(providing 60 mg of beta sitosterol)

Now for results I have been taking this for 5 days, and have been off the srri anti depressant I was on, for 5 days as well. My erections seem somewhat harder during the day, but the night seems to be the big difference. When I wake up to go to the bathroom especially over the last 2 days, I have an erection. Now its not a totaly hard erection, and it is pointing slightly downward, but still a huge improvement over 5 days before when I was waking up to go to the bathroom flaccid. How much responsibility can this mix take credit for and how much from the removal of the srri, I’m not sure. However I do think it is a good idea, to really jump start the night erection process with these supplements. I am going to search when these run out for one that has the same ingredients with the excepetion of the stupid saw palmetto. Also I did not know of the ginseng powder and its possible erection helping benefits. I am hoping to find one that has that ingredient to. I can believe the ginseng can help that, because it is usualy plugged as a brain helper, because it increases blood flow. Ultimately in the future when I get some more money, I want to get some viagra clones to, or try some different types of vasolidators and see which one works for me the best.

Ezekiel 23

20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.


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