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Measuring flaccid...

Dance that must be an awesome job. I used to work at UPS and one of the retired coworkers now is in the art dept at my coolege. He has to screen the nude models. Same rules with you can’t be a current student and pose. He claims the pay is like 10.00 an hour to pose.

With the viagra aren’t you afraid of having uncontrollable wood? Maybe never going down? Or such? I assume the viagra adds to the flacid size.

Yes the job it totally awesome. Pay varies from school to school. The community colleges are low 12.00 but the art schools are more. I average about 20.00 an hour. I also have a great deal where I get paid for days I don’t even work at times I am booked and they don’t use me.

You have to get used to posing in front of guys though. I now appreciate the whole art aspect so it is not that big of a deal. But the times when there are a bunch of women are great. I just have to take the good with the bad. This job is very tough though. It is the most physical job I ever had (and I was a construction worker). Posing is hard work, and I use all my experience with sports and martial arts to come up with interesting poses that the artists really like. I mean it is not just plop down you know. Other times the teachers want to put me in very uncomfortable poses and at times I say “no I can’t do that.”

Taking Viagra is a learning process. The results are different depending on how much food you have in your stomach. I also had to learn the proper amount to take. I did get uncontrollable erections at first. I would get hard in 20 min whether I wanted or not. That does not happen anymore. On top of that, I take it like more than an hour beforehand and am careful to not think sexual thoughts. It is a matter of mastering my body. I don’t take it unless it is a smaller job that I won’t be too disappointed about losing. I lost a few really good gigs in the beginning.

I can even get a half hard at times but that is really (throwing the dice) haha. It is a funny thing, I want to see the girls look, but when I see them it gets exited haha. Many times though they don’t look and try to be very professional and other times they just draw it as is.


Cool job dude. I know I could never do that unless I put on a few inches. Ever have one of the chicks ask you out after class?

If you dont mind me asking what are your stats?

Dance, your job is much more “focused” than us regular guys. Twateasers comment on gym class is valid for anyone that had a small flaccid size. Now, as an adult, gym class is not an issue but doctors office visits and hot tub parties are. More important is self esteem. When my “old” dick was flaccid it was around 2-2.5” and would usually stick straight out and be uncomfortable in jeans. Now, it hangs down most of the time and is more comfortable and makes me feel confident about my dick… this is a new experience.

Bib, no shit! Incredible that you had as big of an erection as you did. I always felt that my dick had a large range but yours was way more. I don’t know how much it bothered you but I was ALWAYS embarrassed by my flaccid dick.

Thank God for PE… no joke!


I agree. I was never concerned about my erect size but have always been embarrassed to be a grower not a shower. From 7th grade on.

To be perfectly honest I’ve been far more interested in flaccid gain in PE than anything else. I sure enjoy the erect gains but there for a long time I was positive I’d have to get to a foot in length before any fraction of that showed flaccid. It wasn’t until almost a year into PE that I started seeing some major flaccid difference. Now,although I can (finally) pee in a public men’s room without hesitation and I’m not fazed by locker rooms, I wonder if I’ll ever be totally satisfied with my flaccid size. Silly, isn’t it, how these things get anchored in your head while you’re growing up? The really terrible aspect of flaccid gains is that one day you’re thinking, Wow - now this is perfect! and the next day you are wondering where it went!




Yep, that is pretty much the deal. I always prayed for an “average” looking flaccid dick. With PE, it is kind of like going to the gym. At the gym you get pumped and think “oh yeah” this is the way I want to look. BUT, after the pump fades the wish is to be the pumped size again (weight training pump not penis pump). Of course we forget that our relaxed size IS what our pumped size once was. With PE the gains are even more resilient than weight training (thank God).

The critical element is that we CAN improve things. This is a monumental change from “got what I got”.

I didn’t really care much for flaccid size before I started this whole PE journey. I was in it for the erect gains, being small in both flaccid and erect, the insecurity was there in the bedroom and the lockerroom/bathrooms. I’d still take a 1 inch erect gain over a 1 inch flaccid gain, but gaining that extra flaccid makes you appreciate the extra confidence your flaccid size gives.

Its a great feeling not having to stand so damn close to the stall when you’re trying to pee OR not being afraid to take off your shorts when you’re in a hot tub with some chicks OR when you’re sitting at a restaurant and you can pull one side of your shorts to the side to show your date that your penis is hanging by your thigh OR that girls would notice your penis swinging when you’re playing some basketball …. okay I’m getting carried away LOL. The point is the added flaccid size has given me some great experiences ;)

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Well one of the most frustrating things about these PE boards is that no one gives their flaccid measurements. I have asked many times on the old board and no one responded. Maybe in “Thunder’s place” you guys might be better. I have studied the surveys and find them hard to believe. Please help me out even if you don’t say your measurements. Look I know it varies, but there is a true flaccid size. The smallest one. The surveys say,

Length 3-4, or 3.89

Circumference between 2.5-4 or 3.37 or 3.75

Now does this seem small, or does it agree with what you guys see in the locker rooms or had yourselves before PE. I always feel really small, but according to these surveys I am not. I am 3.75-4 (measuring perpendicular with ruler) 4.5 with tape (measuring the hang). Circumference is 4.25-4.375. (this is the size I am before I do any PE. I am 5’8” tall and weigh 155.

So what about you guys? Can you say your flaccid stats? Or at least what do you think of those averages of the surveys. Are they right? If they are, I feel good (especially given that I am smaller in stature than average which makes it look bigger) but the averages seem kind of small, but I am not sure. I have not been in many locker rooms lately to check it out lol.



flaccid size


I guess that you get few responses on this topic because perhaps there is too much fluctuation. I can hang as long as

4-1/2” flaccid or as short as 2-3/4 depending on how cold it is, if my dick is wet or dry, if I am relaxed or tense. I think we all are concerned about flaccid appearance, but I for one don’t really care much about recording numbers because of the variability.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Even though it varies there still is a standard flaccid size. Perhaps a small range but still standard. I am not talking about “long and loose and full of juice” as they might say down in Texas lol.


Just a suggestion: How about posting the flaccid size issue in its own thread. You might or might not get more resonses here at Thunder’s, but certainly there are a bunch of us interested in this.

I don’t do much flaccid measuring but will now to keep track and contribute whatever. Granted there are an awful lot of variables in this, but we might find a way to track flaccid size and flaccid gain.



But what do you guys think about those averages?

Hey Dance

For what ever it is worth, I am exactly your height and weight. And, I hang flacid the about the same. Since PE, I have seen a big increase flacid on most days that averages about 4.75 -5 length by 4.75.

cold water

PE does certainly help your flaccid size to get longer.

I remember that once I went canoeing and was sitting in cold water, which inevitably gathered on the seat, for 6 hours. When I went to take a shower, my penis was at its smallest, about 2 to 3 cm. shorter than normal.

Then, several years later and after months of PE, I did the same trip. Now when undressing for the shower, I noticed that my penis still had a satisfactory length, about 2 cm more than the first time.

So, Long Live PE !

I wish I could really report good flaccid gains, but not much to speak of most of the time. I am hard pressed to post a 4” flaccid measurement. I do have the occasional fuller flaccid under ideal circumstances, but mostly I am jealous of you guys reporting frequent measurements of 5+”. BTW, I am 6’ and 210 pounds, so it really looks unimpressive.


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