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Measuring flaccid...


Measuring flaccid...

Ok, we all know that while doing PE our “average” flaccid size is MUCH better than pre-PE. I would like to suggest that as we measure our MAX gains when erect we should also track our gains during a retracted state IE the time when we are SMALLEST.

Why would I say this? Well, the smallest is our most embarassing time. Gains at this time are very appreciated because we CAN’T be any smaller. In this state all the tissues are nearly compacted and WON’T get smaller. As we get bigger erections, our minimum size should increase as well. I am measuring about 3” retracted vs. pre-PE of about 2.5. This is actually a GOOD gain and corresponds well to my roughly 2x increase from minumum to maximum size both before PE and current.

MINIMUM size is a very good indication of solidified gains and not just BLOAT.

Any comments?

flaccid size varies way too much. i mean you have flaccid after a hot shower, you have flaccid when you’re freezing your ass off and they are wayyyyy different. Erect freezing and erect hot is only slightly different. besides one day you might have a 5% erection, one day a 0%. it’s really hard to tell.

So one day you might be like “wow, i just got an inch bigger!” then the next you might find “oh crap! i just got and inch and a half SMALLER than i was yesterday!”

then you have the fact that you can go from a grower to shower. so basically you can go from 3” flaccid, 6” erect to 5” flaccid, 6” erect.

i don’t really know, but i would say flaccid is a bad way to measure. erect is what really counts. i would by far rather be 3” flaccid and 8” erect than 5” flaccid, 6” erect.

What you are describing, NotEnough, is what I call a “Shower-Dick”.

Ever noticed that your dick is the smallest right before you enter the shower or right after?

So, even though I like your idea, it lacks somewhat the consistency of being small, or the embarrassement thereof. ;)

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Flaccid size, nothing drives me more crazy, sometimes my dick is very big and somtimes it’s small and I’m like what the “F” happen to you. But one thing I have noticed is that my big is alot bigger since PE and my small is alot less small. I dont measure my flaccid
size I did once on a really good day and it was 6 but thats not real because later that day it looked like someone let the air out of a ballon.


“….someone let the air out of a ballon.”


Funny, Dino, but you nailed it pretty much. I got days like that where I don’t wanna show my dick to no girl whatsoever.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

You guys more or less made the point on WHY I suggested the MINIMUM size. As the MINIMUM grows, the possible embarrasment shrinks! Pre-PE I felt like my dick could almost do a “turtle”. Truth is it was never less than 2-2.5”. Honestly, I never measured it at that point because it was TOO depressing. I would pull on it or something to ease the doom. Heck, Bib reported his pre-PE flaccid mimimum at ONE INCH! (Bib, was that actual or just best guess?)

Now, with PE, and the MIRACLE that my dick is getting BIGGER… I have tried to measure my dick when it gets its smallest. The least measurement I have gotten is 3”. Now, that may not seem like much but it is MUCH better. Remember, this is the WORST it gets. As pointed out above, flaccid goes from minimum to just prior to erection, a large variable. Measuring in between is meaningless. The fact that doing PE yeilds much less time at minimum is another BIG benefit. Still, measuring a half erect dick means nothing. Obviously the MAX is most important. Hence my argument that measuring the minimum state is the only meaningful flaccid measurement.


No, it is just best guess. I can tell you, I never ‘hung’ in my life until several months into PE. Also, many times when really cold, my flaccid would simply disappear. I mean, gone. Nuts also. I would actually have to pull it ‘out’ to take a piss.

When I would go from flaccid to erect, it was staight up. Then, after ejac, it would go straight down.

Now? Different story. Even on my worst day, there is a lot hanging there. Nuts also.


I would look to keep all records to see how your developing. Some exercises might not work exactly the same for everyone. Remember some people make NO GAINS! So try and keep as accurate as possible recording of all sizes. It helps motivate me. What if it seems you only pack on flaccid size best? Then that is why you should (continue) (to)measure it. For some of us here gym class with flaccid was our nightmare. If this is your hang up then most definitly record it. Otherwise, this extra hassle will add a few minutes to your routine. PE is not a HARD science. It is an ever evolving technique to improve your dick. Nothing is completely written in stone, well almost. People love to disagree here. TT

Well I am very concerned about flaccid size since I am a nude figure model. Oh sure it varies in class and even pops up now and then, but for the most part I need to be completely flaccid. Therefore my flaccid size is very consistent, if you say “smallest flaccid size.” I have tried and continue to try and make that “smallest” grow, even if only temporary.

Of course doing PE beforehand for me is what I do. The most impressive thing I can do is take Viagra (allowing enough time before class) and pump pump pump (but I can’t do this everyday) and then wrap and go to class and then at the school unwrap and jelq and walk into the class haha. But I have to allow some time to calm down. Last time I was in the wash room and it would not go down and was huge lol. I was panacking because it was time to start and I was like “I can’t go out there like this.” Luckily I was able to get it under control (whew!). Guess it is all a learning experience. Additionally, heating up everything with a rice sock and getting the testicles to hang is important to the overall appearance.

A little off topic but just thought I would share.


That is so hillarious. Trying to talk your wood down like a sucidal jumper off the side of a building! Best luck posing! TT


Did you ever get a really cold room and lost flaccid size during the gig. That must really blow.


Many times. Yep it really does suck. I always try and get a heater, but sometimes it really is a bad deal.

More importantly, did you ever get laid after one of your gigs because the chicks were digging your monster cock so much!!!!

Man, I think I would have a hard time not getting serious wood looking at the chicks staring at my package. You da man!

I do get erections in class occasionally when the teacher leaves the room and I know I can get away with it haha. Sometimes it is great with hot chicks, but other times there are too many guys in the class so that pretty much spoils it for me. Yes I have to be careful but I learned total control. In the beginning I got totally hard and just stood there in front of a bunch of hot chicks but I never got called back. Other times I did that and the teachers said it is normal and not to feel bad. For the most part I have to be very careful and pick and choose my occasions.

Interaction after classes is a strange thing. I guess people feel funny after they have been staring at a person nude for hours. My main job hired me as full time staff so I am not allowed to date students :(


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