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Measuring flaccid...


I’m a total shower. At worst my dick hangs at 5.25inch - about a 3/4 inch over pre-pe. But it only gains about an inch and a half to two inches erect. My balls also hang very, very low. From outward appearance, I look extremely hung. In fact, its embarrasing because even with loose pants on, a have a huge bulge and I see even probably straight guys looking at it longer than they should lol. In fact, girls looking there for an extended length of time makes me feel very uncomfortable. Like I’m just a dick. lol

What sucks is that when I get in bed, although my dick is not small, its kind of disappointing because from flaccid state, it looks like it should yield at least 10 inches but reaches a measley 7 inches - about 3/4 more over prepe.

I still will not use a urinal because I feel my dick is small based on my prepe erect length and just in my head in general. Dick size has always been a huge issue for me. I was a very slow grower in general when young and teased about it. I didnt hit puberty till 19.

Anyway, my wish is for more length in erect state to match proportionally the flaccid state but I already concede this probably won’t happen. I’m just a shower and I will probably always be huge flaccid and decent erect.

Once I hit 7.5 nbp erect, I’m done with pe except for a very light maintanence routine.

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I still refuse to piss at a urinal. It is that bad. Good god why did I not find this out like in high school? ten years wasted away. Damn!

Flaccid Size--and BIG SCARE.

Hi Dance— Long time no “exchange of electrons” or whatever we do.

“P9” is the old Pumpinon8—- repackaged.

I am 5 ft 71/2 inches tall and also about 155 lbs.

At 31/12/00 my flaccid size was 4.7 length and 4.4 girth. That was my start of PE in the “modern era”.

At 25/2/01 it was 5.1 long and 4.4 girth

It varies between 5.25 and 5.75 currently and is fairly constant at 4.5 girth. Today, after a three day total PE holiday, it was 5.25”, the shortest it’s been in months :-(

My flaccid size has not increased much with PE.

Since Jan 20 th I have taken to measuring flaccid size every time I do PE— just before I start warming up. I thjought this a good idea because it varies so much. Get a good average.

I use a set of plastic “vernier calipers”—— $5.00 from the bargain counter at the hardware shop. It’s easy to get an accurate figure— measured from the “top of the hang” to the “end of the dangle”. A bit sharp sometimes.

My other stats are here in Sizes database for “the Experiment”.

My erect length did get to 9 inches last year— immediately following PE, but this really isn’t a “sustainable reality”— After a few days of “no PE” its more like 8.6 BP— and therefore under 8 inches non BP. Boring!!!

I also had a BIG scare this week. On Monday morning I was jelquing and uli-ing, and I noticed three big drops of blood on some plastic that I put down on the floor. Yes— coming out of the eye of my dick!!! Immediate panic, despondency and three days off.

I did some hanging tonight, —Thursday— but won’t be following it up with jelquing in the morning.

Maybe i’ve got something else happening down there — no discharges though!!!

DIfficult to take this one to my female doctor—— Unless I’ve got a discharge, then it’s OK— she’s seen it all before, but I haven’t come out to her about the PE.

Maybe the BLOOD THING deserves a thread on its own.

Regards to all

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!


How’s summer?

After doing squeezes and Uli’s I too can show some blood. I have never had it “drip” out, but I have had it ozze a little. I just stopped those exercises for a few days and then resumed but with a lots less vigor and then slowly increased the intensity. Have never had any long-term problems though.

One thing that I have noticed (learned) is that you really have to experment and try all angles when doing PE. I use to have a huge problem with swelling of the skin under the head while hanging. Took me about 3 months to finally figure out how to eliminate this. Its just a little change here and wait, there and wait, etc.

With your experence in PE I’m sure you will know when a serious problem arises that needs Medical Attention.

Best in 2002 Canuck

flardoen has the right idea. The SMALLEST the unit gets determines range. IE from smallest to biggest. Several here have reported near non-existant pre PE flaccid measurements of like 1” (including Bib). Now, I have always felt tiny but my prePE smallest was 2”… very small but still 2x the 1” reports. Now, I have not measured less than 3” in a long time. I am talking about the state where the tissue is so UN-engorged that it is actually firm. I consider 3” a BIG improvement. Now, most of the time I am 3.5-4”, MUCH better.

My flaccid size is pretty variable. It depends upon mood, temp, and how relaxed I am. I have also noticed serious shrinkage especially after a meal. More so after a big meal. The most shrinkage I ever remember was the last time I had a check-up and was told to turn my head and cough.

Hey dawolf,

Have you noticed a larger flaccid when you are completely relaxed? Say at the end of the day when you are done with the concerns of the day?

Someone posted about this quite awhile back. I started paying attention to this and sure enough, at the end of the day there is a very noticable increase in my flaccid size. Wish it would hang like that all the time. :D

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That´s an interesting observation that I haven´t even thought about, dawolf. I guess the blood goes to help in the digestion instead of hanging tight in the dick. Here´s food for the overly obsessive, yet another factor to count into play.

Btw, how do you guys measure flaccid? I measure it like I do erect - straight out non stretched with a ruler. Measuring it as it hangs with a tape would give a much greater number, so it´s of importance.


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