Lymph fluid build up

Currently I am experimenting with two routines for EG:

Routine 1) post-exercise EG: 6.0 - 6.25” routine: 1 - 2 h of intense sadisky’s, jelqing, clamping, every or every other day
Routine 2) post-exercise EG: ~5.5” routine: 20 - 30 min of light sadisky’s and stretching, stop whenever dick gets tired, 1 per 2/3 days

From Routine 1 most of my post EG is from lymph buildup whereas from Routine 2 it’s solely a hard cock giving the girth. Is lymph fluid buildup bad or unwanted? The increased expansion after 5.5” EG and up is all from lymph.

FYI: Routine 2 is better overall I think but Routine 1 is good for shocking dick out of plateau phases. Study still under progress…

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