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Lymph build up, Blisters, or Edema on glans


Lymph build up, Blisters, or Edema on glans

I decided to post this since I didn’t find too much info of lymph build up on the glans and how to determine if its harmful or not. Plus, if people are searching this topic, it will show up easily in the search.

I’m curious as to how one can determine what someone has or if there are for sure signs that shows if someone just has some lymph build up or edema or a blister. I’m going to assume that a blister is just like a blister on a hand.

Now some of you know I’m using the VacADS setup daily for quite some time. I have used the constriction sleeve, but after two hours, I would get some sort of light pain. Once I took off the constriction sleeve, there was some sort of lymph build up/blister looking thing about 1/4” in diameter. It went away after an hour or so.

Now, I don’t use a constriction sleeve and don’t experience any pain whatsoever. The thing is, when I take off the vac, my head is fairly large and very light colored. I do have a light brown spot around the uretha, but this goes away within 15-30 minutes along with the swelling.

I know PE there is some risk, but I’m wondering if this seems normal for those that have used the Vac for quite some time or am I suppose to avoid lymph build up in the head.

On a side note, my erections are doing quite well actually. I even think the Vac might be helping with erections. I haven’t experienced any negative PIs really.

Any help or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

Inevitably there are some pressure points inside the device when it’s pulling at your dick, and which distort it . It’s rather like leaning on your arm on a table with a ridge . You find the imprint, and it gradually goes away. Same with your penis when it’s contricted. If you have your glans in a vacuum it will expand , but again providing it doesn’t stay more that a few hours at the very most It’s not something to worry about.

Pain, bruising, and continued distortion, should of course be kept to the minimum.

It’s rather like sitting on your leg. It’s so good when you stop.

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Thanks for the reply! I appreciate it very much.

I guess I will keep an eye out to see if the bruising around the urethra gets worse as the days and weeks go by.

Thanks again!

Now I understand what you were telling me.

Yes, with the vacuum head, if the vacuum isn’t distributed evenly, you will draw more edema into part of the glans and it seems to be lighter colored, and slightly puffy. This is FAR different from a blister! A edema blister is really obvious and PAINFUL! And it takes a long time to heal.

What you have is no big deal and nothing to worry about. This is just edema that is pulled into the tissue from the negative pressure of the vac head. It goes away in a few minutes and doesn’t cause any problems.

IF however, you used heavy wts for long periods of time, it would form a true blister at that point, pulling the edema to the surface and pushing the tender skin away from the flesh and it would remain there. Very painful and slow to heal!

Thanks, sparkyx for the input. I’m glad you still posted here even after you PM’ed me. It’s good for our fellow members in case they need to do a search for this topic.

I’ve experienced all the Vacads injuries:

- Lymph fluid build up. This is normal and happens after 30 minutes with a moderate extender stretch. When wearing a constriction sleeve it starts to stretch the glans tip skin which becomes very irritating. I can only wear my extender for 3 hours.
Without the constriction sleeve it ccurs over a larger area and makes it easier to do ADS for longer.
I find that it disappears immediately if you have an erection.

- Edema. This happened to me because of slippage of the sleeve, partly due to too much tension but also due to a stretched sleeve and slightly moist skin. If the tip of your glans starts to sting, immediately remove the Vacads and make adjustments to avoid it.
The edema is a purple and red circle at the tip of the glans and it takes at least a week for it to fade. I experienced flaking skin afterwards when the glans dry out, so I moisturize.

- Blood blister. A small bump forms, filled with blood if the vacuum is too high for more than a few seconds. If you notice a stinging pain on the glans take the Vacads off immediately. It takes 5+ days to disappear and there might be flaking skin afterwards.
I’ve had 3 and they were about 1/4” in diameter.

- Friction blister. I experienced this with my home made latex sleeves. The tension was too much and the delicate skin at the top of my pulled back foreskin would blister and usually start bleeding. The Vacads silicon material and way of working relies more on vacuum than friction so you probably won’t experience it.

- Dead skin build up. This caused me to take a week off, my glans had become very dry and there were patches of thicker dead skin on my glans. At one point when I was trying to remove it, some new skin was also pulled off causing a small wound. After one week’s break from PE, keeping my glans moist, things returned to normal.

SO to avoid injuries: Don’t use too much tension and moisturize afterwards!

Great post!! Thank you very much! :D

I have some of Eroset’s oil that I warm up and then I put some on the glans to keep it moist and to prevent drying.

The thing you have to understand about the lymphatic system is that is not driven by a pump. The circulatory system has the heart to pump blood around. Your lymphatic system relies on the movement of your body to drain the lymph from lymph vessels. This is why people who get bitten by horribly poisonous snakes on the leg can survive for a long time without treatment if they don’t move. Lymph nodes filter the toxins from the blood but you need to mobilise the area for your lymphatic system to kick in. If you’re PEing before bed time, your nocturnal erections will assist somewhat with lymph vessel draining. But if you PE in the morning and then go to work and sit at a desk all day and don’t get a boner til the next night, you’ll probably have more trouble with lymph buildup and hardened lymph vessels.

The thing with the penis is, most of the time it stays relatively still compared to says your legs. So after a PE session if you notice a lot of lymph build up, you should lightly massage your penis to promote drainage of the lymph vessels. Alternatively, you could lightly jerk off until you get hard then stop and repeat this a few times to get penis “moving”. If you don’t you can burst lymph vessel or get a hardened lymph vessel. These take time to heal and can be painful and put you out of PE action. So go easy on your dick. Too much lymphatic fluid build up means you’re asking for an injury. Take it from someone who learnt the hard way.

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Have experienced the same thing after several hours of extender use or using the vac hanger/ads. It seems to go away after a while. Do you find that the vac hanger works better without the constriction sleeve?.

I posted a similar question 3 weeks ago and got advice to apply the constriction sleeve when your head is somewhat erect and that seems to help somewhat. The only time I tried the vac hanger without the constriction sleeve seemed a little scary and painful.

I don’t hang but I really like the VacExtender / VacADS without a constriction sleeve. That is just my opinion, though. I can wear it longer this way.

I am forced to take a break from vacads because after 3 months of PE, my glans have taken a bit of a beating. Yesterday I nearly got a blood blister!

My tension wasn’t excessive - the springs on my extender weren’t compressed but slippage occured and although I removed it immediately there was a small blister (lymph fluid).

When I wore the vacads with the constriction sleeve, the area of glans skin exposed to the vacuum changed in texture, it is a darker shade of pink and there is a layer of dead skin that won’t rub off. The skin seems shiny and doesn’t wrinkle the same way as the rest of the glans when flaccid.

I agree that the vacads without a constriction sleeve is more comfortable to wear but there is still a high vacuum area in the corner of the vacads cup, which is where the blister occured.

My homemade ADS worked OK but I noticed that the glans can become numb after wearing it for over 30 minutes so I don’t like using it.

I’m looking forward to monkeybar’s next creation, until then I’m going to have a week off from ADS.

After all the love I’ve given my vac-extender, I got a freakish blister today. I had no idea anything was wrong until I took it off, but I knew I was in major trouble the minute I saw it.

I only wear an external sleeve, as I really enjoy the expansion my glans gets. I have done 125 hours in the thing so far with no problem. I had assumed that I would need a compression sleeve sooner than later, and presciently, I had been working on making some special sleeves this weekend, but didn’t finish.

When I saw it, I tried to gently take off the sleeve, but that’s really impossible and it burst anyway. Now anything that brushes against it is painful as hell. I taped some gauze on it and it’s been fine, but I’m worried about an uncomfortable week ahead.

I’m pissed that I’ll have to take yet another week or so off. I always advise people that persistence is the biggest barrier to gains, and the constant setbacks are seriously testing my spirit.

I can’t imagine why this happened now and never before. Nothing seemed different, at all.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

After giving it some thought, I think a combination of two things caused this huge blister:

1) I had gone from 20+ hours per week in the vacuum extender to a single two-hour session for each of the last two weeks due to a major life interruption. I didn’t think that this was a long enough break to weaken my conditioning.

2) I had been polishing the knob with Vaseline body oil for the last week, since I last used the extender. I thought it was a good idea since the vacuum head makes my glans dry, but it must have softened the skin too much.

Man, you never want to see one of these things on your dick head. It didn’t hurt at all until it burst and the skin was exposed to my boxers. Yow…make a grown man cry. The gauze got me through the day and night just fine. Water running over it in the shower this morning took stung some getting used to. Anything else brushing it is painful. I’m put a large band-aid on it today and I’m doing fine.

After reading as many search results as I could find, it seems that this is a three-week setback.

I am a little peeved at myself because I could have made a simple compression sleeve very quickly, but instead, I was trying to be fancy and it took me too long. I had just finished an alginate mold of my penis and casted it in silicone (a me dildo!). The mold was very hard to produce and although I got a very good impression of the top half, the bottom half is still fucked up. I plan to master that, at some point.

The next step was to create a compression sleeve and custom vacuum cup based on this. Too bad I didn’t anticipate this happening, but I will certainly be ready with new and improved equipment by the time I’m healed.

7 3/4" (+3/4") BPEL x 6 1/4" (+5/16") EG

Crap! :(

Sorry to hear about what happened, slipstream. I can only imagine how much that must of hurt.

I’m beginning to think that cold water on the glans during a pee break might help any edema that might form. I have been putting heated up Eroset’s Vein Oil on my glans for moisturizing and it seems I get more redness now.

I found these quotes on some medical websites:

“Before beginning, ice packs may be applied to the penis intermittently to reduce edema”
“This technique may be facilitated by the use of ice and/or hand compression on the foreskin, glans, and penis to help decrease the amount of edema….”

Again, these two quotes are from medical pages and they are about Phimosis and Paraphimosis. Either way, it looks like cold helps with edema and might help prevent it.

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