lumped tissue

Sorry! guys I am new at this forum I started my PE one week ago. However, before I discovered this forum, I tried manual streching. I had some kind of lumped tissue where the right bulbourethral is and underneath the head, near the frenum area (behind and below the head). I stopped stretching at that time and begun massagingg it with hot oil till the pain disapeared but the lump didn’t go away completely. When I began my PE, I did a mistake by jelqing in full erect status. Again the lump is back and the stinging in that place, yesterday. I can’t jelq much in 50 or 70% erect it usually gets to full erect easily. I read someone saying you are not pe if you don’t have a discoloration. I have the dicoloration. What are the drawbacks of thromb veins. Can any body advice me? Today, I feel much better I stopped and don’t have problems even the soft lump moves easily with no pain.