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Scar tissue concerns valid or not?

Scar tissue concerns valid or not?

I’ve noticed that after a few months of PE my penis seems to have a bit more of an upward curve. Nothing painful or really weird looking (I kind of like the look of it). The thing is I don’t know if the curve is occurring simply because my unit is longer and thicker than before and thus my natural curve has simply been accentuated. Or if the bend is forming because of scar tissue buildup from PE.

I know Peyronie’s Disease is caused by a buildup of scar tissue, but how extensive is the bend in these situations? I would hate to have my bend increase anymore and thus am researching various aspects of scar tissue/Peyronies/scar tissue as well as their relation to rest days.

I know there’s been past posts about connective tissue, so here’s another link:…onnective01.htm

Had another one about scar tissue but I seem to have misplaced it, I’ll try find it again and post. The way I understand it is that when a wound occurs the two sides of the tear sort of scrunch together and scar tissue is the “glue” that holds them together. This seems more relevant to actual cuts or surgical incisions, as far as the controlled breakdown we are doing in PE goes I’m not too sure how scar tissue would fit in. If we are forming micro scars throughout the penis instead of the forming new healthy tissue this could be a cause for my increased curve could it not?

The article on scar tissue that I lost was also interesting because it mentioned that scar tissue could be manipulated as to the direction/physical characteristics through the use of constant tension. So I’m wondering if long periods hanging may promote the right type of scar tissue formation. Actually I’m not even sure if PE results in the formation of scar tissue. Lots of stuff to research!

Well I’m kind of ranting here, basically what I’m trying to say is that I think the increased curvature some of us are experiencing, as well as our gains, rest days and the type of tissue growth are all related we just need some kind of “Universal Theory” to put it together!


It seems you are asking good questions but I’m not sure the conclusions you are reaching are paritcularly valid yet.

How much of a bend are you talking about?

My thoughts are somewhat simpler, increased length + increased erection level = increased bend. If you are anything like me your erections have increased in hardness substantialy, so looking at the bend should really be done at 80% erection or similar for comparison.

I would imagine that jelqing, NOT done excessively, helps to massage, get bloodflow, and prevent scar tissue.

I could be wrong.


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