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Lot's effect on gains

Lot's effect on gains

I’ve heard many mixed reports on how to handle your LOT in regards to gains. Yes, I have searched and read several posts, but they just contradict themselves more and more. I’m looking for a semi-concise answer as far as the best way to handle LOT. Is it best to completely finish off the lig potential until the LOT is as close to 6 as possible (this way you can achieve all of your growth strictly through the tunica), or is it better to work them simultaneously? So far, my lot really hasn’t changed at all, it’s been consistently at about 8:30 since I began PE. I’m hesitant to really change things since I’m content with my progress, but I’d just like to have a clear answer for reference. Oh yeah, and I need 10 inches in two months because my online girlfriend is visiting!

All kidding aside, any relevant information or accurate links would be great.

Originally Posted by JoeCool
I’m looking for a semi-concise answer as far as the best way to handle LOT.

Ignore it.

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