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Locating the bc muscle

jelqking - Can you describe what you’re doing? I don’t think men can be that discreet when contracting the pelvic muscles to be able to contract one and not the other. The PC muscle is used to pull the rectum up after having a bowel movement. The BC is involved in the force of ejaculation and expelling that last bit of urine when urinating. Contracting or exercising the PC in men doesn’t do much for erections or ejaculation.

I think I have been able to differentiate between contracting the urethral sphincter and contracting the BC muscle. Contracting the sphincter should not move the penis as far as I can tell. I can kinda contract just the sphincter I think because I can stop my urine flow without my penis moving. When doing a very light kegel I think I can tell when I am doing a contraction that just squeezes the sphincter. However I am not totally convinced because the structures are so close together when you contract one you might just be contracting them all.

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Great information as usual. I’d just like to say that after reading this thread, it has occurred to me that I have been contracting the PC and not the BC muscle!

Strange but true…

I just found the BC and it felt quite a lot different than what I have been doing i.e. the PC muscle.

I feel the “squeeze” A LOT further “forward” now…just behind the base of the penis and not mainly close to the anus as before.

This could explain a number of things…for one, why all the kegels haven’t really had very much effect for me.

I will now adapt and improve my training and once again thank you for the excellent information!

Glad you found it useful. Thanks for your post.

I kind of agree with Tube, it seems like the harder you contract the BC muscle it will result in a contraction of the PC or sphincter.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the make-up of the BC muscle fibres and the best way to strengthen them? For example, I’ve heard that some muscles are “fast-twitch” fibres and others are “slow-twitch” fibres and they should be trained differently.

I guess that the only options we have with the BC are with respect to timing:

1. perform short squeezes (1 second)
2. perform long squeezes (hold til failure)

I’ve also heard about fluttering, which for me happens when the muscle is fatigued and I contract it only part-way. This makes the muscle have a fluttering sort of spasm/contraction. I don’t know if it’s valuable for training, but it sure feels interesting!

What do you folks think?

I have found that I Can’t contract the BC muscle without contracting the PC along with it, I tried but it just won’t happen. How do I correct this?

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It won’t hurt anything or be detrimental if you contract the BC, PC and anal sphincter. If you want to concentrate on the BC try a light contraction that starts just behind your scrotum. Easy and gentle will usually involve only the BC. It’s the fast or heavy duty squeezes that tend to involve more muscles.

I’m only worried because I heared that training the PC will Cause ejaculation to happen faster because a trained , stronger one will squeeze and press on the prostate on a continuous basis. And I really don’t need any more of that already!

On a side note, today I tried to put the kegels training into application, but thought to try it during masturbation first rather than sex, as an experiment, so I masturbated and right before the ejaculation happened I squeezed really hard and managed to have a full orgasm without ejaculating at all and the erection kept going! (Well I lost a little erection for a few seconds then quickly regained it) so I think I’m going in the right direction eh?

Starting size:

Length - 6.5

Girth - 5

Sounds good. I don’t think having a strong BC muscle will make you ejaculate faster. There isn’t any relationship between the BC and the prostate.

Now that is a meticulously done, great, classy, and clear post! Thanks for an excellent post, Westla! Clears up a lot of things in my mind. BC or PC will be greatly appreciated and understood I am sure, by all of us, from now on.

This is most awesome and appreciated. I am going to try and start excercising the BC and PC separately. This is a great variation in those daily klegels (at the computer at the office).:)

It is also an interesting example of a misunderstanding between men and women because of a physical difference.

If a partner on the receiving end knew the difference in what a well excercised BC muscle can do, he/she would encourage paying that little muscle a little attention too. The perenium is probably the most underappreciated part of the penis.


Thanks Bill. Glad to see you back on the forums. :)

Thanks West LA, I’m going to try to post more, especially as I try to step up my PE, particularly in the hanging arena!



What is the best position ? Sited with knees above waist? What should be the percentage of the erection while working the BC, Flaccid or full erect?

Best regards



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