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Lets talk about length gains

Lets talk about length gains

Allright I know I just made a thread yesterday .. But hey.. I’m desperate

All I want is length. Thats it. I have been doing this PE stuff for over a year now and have only gained .5 inches in length.. Although all of my training has been to increase it.

I did manual workouts for 3 months=.25 gains (I really attribute to stronger erections)
7 months of hanging only got me =.25 gains

I decided to take a different route the other month. Many have said jelqing.the oldest most traditionaly form of PE is a great lengthening exercise.

5 weeks later I haven’t measured, only because it doesn’t look any bigger and I don’t want to get pissed off by proving it to myself. Mainly 2x daily, 3 days on, 1 day off

Now some people prefer to jelq daily, 2x daily.
Others claim rest days are/is the key to length gains

Some say full erection
Others less than half erection

What is the real deal? What really works?
I know everyone says it’s different for everyone, but I really don’t think it is. It’s a penis, everyone has one, they’re made of the same things, they will grow, shrink, piss the same way. So they’re has to be a correct way to go about jelqing. Is it kinda like everyday for short workouts, or 4-5x weekly with longer workouts but rest days .are both equal?

Anyway. I want length. Hanging is out of the question I believe, another 7 months, 3 hours daily is not exactly what I’m looking for

Any REAL length tips would be awesome. I am beginning to think this PE stuff really doesn’t work or isn’t true at all. Hell I have freakin prayed that my length routines would give me more length and still nothing has happened. I really just hope there’s someone out there that could give me the right tip or thought that could make the past year of endless hours of PE finally pay off.

Please help me out

Tiger, you sound like you have nothing to lose, here are my length tips.

1. Throw your ruler in the trash, I trust you have a starting measurement. Keep your starting measurement in a time capsule.

2. Forget all about the myth of rest days, of course you will take a rest day but not because of you choosing it. Rest days occur when I have heavy skin irritation, complete loss of quality erection, or heavy shaft soreness.

3. Make your routine more natural and quit planning on how long and how many reps, try doing multiple sessions throughout the day, don’t time or count anything. Wake up your natural ability to know when effort equals reward.

4. Work on your confidence level, either KNOW you are doing sufficient work to make gains or zip your pants up and deal with what you have. Re-evaluate what didn’t work and do something new, don’t count on seeing somethings that work being advertised or discussed here. Use your imagination to apply more force to areas and experiment with thought induced excersises, just don’t boast about “fathering” a new move. BE HUMBLE.

5. Ahh, the ole erection level question. I’ll stay away from that question, but leave you with another question. If you want erect gains and have extended the ligaments and also received your newbie gains, how are you going to fatigue the outer tunica?

6. If you are truly grasping for straws for length, then surely you are open minded enough to refrain from ejaculation for a few weeks to see how it goes. Doing this alone has eliminated “FALSE” signs of overworking, I have sex often and enjoy it, BTW.

7. DON'T wonder if you are gaining, know that you are gaining. Don’t let P.E. drive you nuts, and don’t believe everything you hear. Keep in mind a simple, but true statement; If you are not reaching fatigue or feeling a little sore, you might as well be masturbating.

8. Avoid all discussions that elude to P.E. and Bodybuilding being anything similar, this has to be the largest crock of shit in the feild.

9. Have a good day, I think I will add this too my favorites. :)

Like I’m sure you’ve read many many times before, it is all about what you find works.

When you stretch, your not doing somebody elses routine, your doing it because you FEEL it stretching, you KNOW it is stretching because you can feel it. If you’ve taken a couple days off of PE, or even a week, what is that feeling you get when you do your first stretching session since getting better? That should be the “stretching” feeling you feel every time you stretch until you’ve hit about 10-15 reps, after that your just stretching it to keep the your ligaments loose and ‘stretched.’ You don’t ONLY have to go “1 stretch up, 1 stretch left, 1 stretch down, 1 stretch right, etc…” because somebody else does it, you stretch where you find that you get that “stretching” feeling (that I just mentioned above) the most.

When your stretching, try to move your ‘unit’ around until you find an angle where you get that “stretching” feeling (that I mentioned above) again and finish out your rep. until that “stretching” feeling isn’t there. If you find that if you stretch in the same angle 9 reps later and you get that “stretching” feeling again, don’t get upset thinking you didn’t stretch it right the first time; all your ‘unit’ is telling you is “Hey, ha ha you stretched me but your going to have to stretch me from this angle again if your going to keep my ligaments really loose and make me bigger” - yes it will actually speak to you if your lucky and you listen really really closely. If your unit is just completely used to stretching, I’m sure there is an angle that you haven’t tried before, an “extreme stretch” you haven’t tried before. Have you tried “BTC” (Between The Cheeks)? If your unit doesn’t get that “stretching” feeling it must be able to take more, and when you give it more you should get a “stretching” feeling… unless you get a “oh sh*t this hurts,” then you better stop because you only got 1 unit.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any questions about this post and I and/or somebody else will be glad to help out! :up:

No dedication + No self-discipline = No Gains. This goes for working out as well. It\'s elementary math kids.

Starting Date: 1-17-05 - EL: 6 in. EG: 5.125 in. ... or 5 2/16 in. ..FL: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in. FG: 4.5 in. ... or 4 8/16 in.

14th Check-In Date (much 'rest time' so far): 10-01-06 - EL: 7 1/16 in. EG: 5 9/16 in. ................ FL: 5.00 in. ... or 5 in. FG: 4.75 in. ... or 4 12/16 in....1st Goal: EL: 7 in. EG: 5.75 in ... or 5 12/16 in.


I don’t have much in the way of “advice” to give to you. I’m very glad you brought up this issue, however. I’ve really struggled with length gains as well. In fact, I’ve only gained about 0.25 of an inch, and it’s been close to two years! So you’ve gained twice as much as me in almost half the time!

This is the first point I want to make. As you suggest, yes, this PE thing doesn’t work. That is, it doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t ask me why; I’m not a scientist. In my opinion, don’t ask anyone why; the honest truth is that no one here knows. However, PE does work for some people. That’s a fact, and you are proof of it. You’ve gained half an inch in length. Okay, I know you want more. So do I. But would you like to back to being that half of an inch shorter? Look at the trouble and expense some men will go to with PE surgery, which is said to yield an extra inch or so in length on average.

The second point I want to make is that you’ve got to try everything, and you’ll probably have to try most things more than once. You are right to this extent, your dick is much like any other, so, in theory, you should be able to lengthen yours as well. But the trick is figuring out how to do this. I repeat: Try everything; try it twice or three times or more. You know that PE works; you’ve seen evidence of it on yourself. So keep thinking and doing.

I’ve gained only a little in length, but I’ve increased quite a bit in girth thus far, and it hasn’t been my focus. This is what motivates me to stick with the length exercises. There are other guys here who easily gain girth but have a hard time with length; conversely, some here have got the length with little effort but cannot gain girth for anything. And, sadly, some have yet to increase length or girth. That’s the way it is. If I so much as look at a weight, my chest increases in size. Yet I have a hard time packing anything on my biceps. So I work them extra hard, and they have gained in size some!

What were your starting measurements, and what are your current measurements?

Tell us a bit more about your hanging routine. Seven months is a lot of time to hang. But how have you been doing it.

Try pumping. Pumping is mostly considered a girth exercise, but quite a few guys have seen length gains from it, in some cases very good length gains.

Use an ADS in addition to whatever else you are doing. I am a member of the school that believes that the penis needs to stay extended as much as possible to see a yield on length exercises, otherwise the ligs pull back to their original state.

Once again, try everything—and keep trying!

My expierences, thoughts, and tips from my quest in PE so far…

Here are some of my expierences, feelings, thoughts, and ideas, on what I know about PE. I have been excersizing for almost 5 months and started at about mid-febuary 2005 up till now which is about the end of may 2005. Here are my PE stats…

5.4 inches NBP erect
6.1 inches BP erect
2-3 inches flaccid (I was a grower)

6.8 inches NBP erect
7.8 inches BP erect
5.5-6 inches flaccid (now I’m a consitent shower. yay!)

I don’t mean to brag, but I thought it was important to put my stats up so I seem believeable to whoever reads this. I am humble. As you also can see from the stats above I have a nice big fat pad convering up about a inch of my penis. I’m actually not that fat I wieght probaly about 185-195 but I have a good size belly from drinking too much alcohol and living carelessly. Now I’m tryng to turn my life around for the better by doing cardio workouts and ab excersizes for strength training daily, along with eating a healthy diet and quiting the alcohol till the weekends only… I tell you it is pretty hard, but if you train yourself and use self-discipline you can really do it! Sometimes I don’t feel like making up the diet food to prepare it, or even doing the excersize for the day, or sometimes I just want to go back to drinking lots of alcohol during the day but when you have enough self control to say no to yourself and allow yourself to do the more unenjoyable thing (the excersize, drinking beer, not doing homework, whatever) over the more pleasureable thing then that is the definition of self-discipline and it has served me very well as of late… Ok enough ranting I just thought that was really important for every to learn to help them in there life. On with the show….

And oh yeah I would also like to say all the posters above have posted very good information above as well so listen to them as well…

0. Read Thunder’s Place PE Forums and use the search feature to find years worth of information on from good peoples expierences in PE so you can educate yourself further so you know what to do when you PE.

1. when you are kegeling you should clench your anus as you kegel so you can excersize all the penis muscle groups evenly; the BC and PC muscle at the same time…

2. lig pops are good as long as you are very careful after the lig is popped that you carefully stretch out in different directions so to avoid ripping your dick off? Scary thought…

3. To get lig pops you need to do intense stretching excersizes like v-stretching, a-streching, diagonal stretchs, rotation stretchs, straight out, straight down, straight up, etc. If done basiclly same intense stretch sessions are done multiple times a day for a few days then eventually your penis will give out and as soon as you feel the lig pop (not nessarially a sound as some people describe) then immediatlely let go of the stretch and relax your body for a while… take a nice long break and be safe, remember to let your penis heal completely before going back to any intense stretching like what gave you the lig pop…

4. kegeling does actually increase your erect penis size i believe if your ligs are stretched long enough, had enough lig pops that have healed and you do correct kegels many times a day as described in 1…

5. you have to learn how you body responds to the excersizes by using your sence of feeling/touch and focusing on what the feeling feels like around the base of your penis where the ligs are. This feeling information as you stretch your penis will alert you if you are getting a good stretch or not.

6. Eat healthy daily, lean protein, vegteables, fruits, a little saturated fat.

7. Chew your food very well before you swallow so your stomach will digest the food you eat quickly so the nutrients can be spread as quick as possible to other parts of the body, of course we only care about the penis here. These nutrients/molecules will aid in the tissue healing process when your penis is fatigued after stretching…

8. Get good sleep to aid in penis tissue rebuilding. It is a fact we heal over night when we have a good nights sleep.

9. Do some daily cardiovascular excersize to improve your overall health and promote penis growth. This will also help you reduce the fat pad around the base of your penis exposing more of the inner penis giving you more length on the outside of the penis.

10. Limit smoking and drinking as much as possible so to quicken gains.

11. I read from many postoperative phalloplasty (penis) surgery web site that they like to use a stretching device after a few weeks of surgery for 4 hours a day 4 times a week to use traction to keep the penis from retracting back after the scar tissue developed from the snipped suspensory ligament from retracting the penis back into the body… kind of like a ADS (All Day Stretching) device. You get it? The word traction is the oppistive of the word retraction. Retraction means to retract inwards and traction means to pull outward basically…

12. Learn as much as you can about the relavent penis anatomy. Such as the tunica, fascia bucks, suspensory ligaments, fundiform ligaments, copora cavornosa, corpus sponginosum, PC and BC muscles, etc…

13. A lot of surgeons offerning phalloplasty on the web also admit that weight hanging instead of using a stretcher is another alternative. They also say that after the new length is cemented from wearing a stretcher or weights then continuing to weight hang afterwards can produce continued length gains (whcih are not from the inner penis I believe, the tunica?).

14. When you have excessive webbing that travels up the bottom of the shaft of the penis this is called Turkey Neck. It can make jelqing a bit harder since you need to usually pull down on your nutsack to get the excess skin out of the way so you can grab the base of the penis to get a nice full jelq stroke…

15. To cure turkey neck there is risky surgery that can be performed or some people have claimed that you can stretch your ball sack to make the balls hang lower and give you are better hanging look in when flaccid.

16. Sharp pain is bad! A nice dull soreness feeling around the base of your penis is very good since this tells you that your penis needs to heal now to grow again.

17. Any time you get sharp pain from stretching immediatly terminate the stretch and take a break from stretching. You may need to rest for a few days without any PE activity. This has happend to me and I have recovered from it a few times with a little bit of length gained after full recovery. Use your commen sence.

18. Start off slow and easy and build up the intensity of your PE exceriszes (stretching, hanging, pumping, girth excersizes, etc) as you gain more expierence over time and your penis gets used to the excersizes…

19. It is a commen believe among phalloplasty surgeons as well as people that visit message boards like Thunder’s that you should work on length first then work on girth after. Something to do with not as much tissue needs to be stretched as when you do girth excersizing with length excersizes gaining both girth and length at the same time. I say if you want good length and girth work on your length first then when you reach your final length goal tackle the girth. Some people don’t agree with these statements I just made, so think whatever you feel will work best for you.

20. One time I got a nice lig pop on the right side of the base of my penis where the ligs are located after I had done some intense manual stretching all day and then did edged 5-7 times while looking at some hot porn and not ejaculating. After the edging I let my dick go flaccid and I was sitting on my bed and I pulled gradually straight out for a straight out stretch, then I got the infamous lig pop feeling and knew I hit the jackpot. So the conclusion is good edging technique with a good amount of reps might actually help with lig pops after some intense stretching sessions…

21. After I have edged a lot of times and I don’t ejaculate I notice a lot of time that the next day my dick is really soft and flaccid is nice and long. I think this could possibly help with girth gains with girth excersizes and possibly stretching?

22. PE takes self-disipline, read several defintions of what that word means until you understand what it really means.

23. Some say heat helps. The heat could be from a IR lamp, A portable heater, a oven, toaster, water, ricksock, heatpad, whatever emits heat I guess. I guess the heat loosens up the penis tissues making them more stretchy and flexable allowing maximum stretching to take place? I have tried this a few times with a portable heater and some warm ups with hot water in the shower. I don’t know if this did anything but hey, might as well keep things fresh and try new things just in case that is the perfect answer. :)

24. When you sit up straight and don’t bounce around (relax) for a half hour after eating you won’t upset your stomach allowing you stomach to digest the food as quick as possible. If you do become really active after eating a meal you might cause indigestion which slows your PE gains, and decreases PE workout efficency. Think about it the faster you digest your food the faster you send those needed nutrients to your fatigued penis after some heavy PE excersizing to repair and grow the penis tissue fatter and longer.

25. The farther you spread your legs apart sitting, standing, or lying down the longer your cock will be. This is how you should measure in my opinion.

Love Machine

WOW, those are some impressive stats.

If you dont mind me asking what type of routine did you start off with?

And if you dont mind me asking what have you done since then to keep growing?

Just thought I’d say congrats, and to see what you are doing right!


Thanks lovinthebeath5 :) , There is a lot to say about my PE quest so far but basically, when I started out I just did a lot of research for a couple days then I started attempting some PE excersizing which was mainly jelqing and static stretching at different angles. I saw stedy gains for about a month as my penis got used to the excersizes which I did pretty much daily. Then I decided I would hold off on the jelqing until I got my length goal which is 9 inches, then it would be time to tackle girth. So after that I have done lots of intense static stretching and kegels basically almost every day since the beginning of me doing PE till I would feel a nice fatigue around the base of my penis where the ligs are, then I knew that growth was possible because the soreness I felt meant my body was trying to repair itself and thus growth most of the time, not all the time… I did go threw about 2 minor injurys with PE but I just took off about 2-5 days and when my penis felt healed and strong with no sharp pain, I began stretching and kegeling again.

As for what I am doing now just a lot of intense stretching and kegeling for a couple hours a day (1-3) until I feel that soreness feeling. I actually think I have hit a little plateau right about now, so my plan now is to go to the next phase and do some DLD blasters with A-Stretchs, maybe some V-stretching too. From all I have read DLD blasters seem like the next natural step for me to go to quickly and effienctly continue my length gains. I actually was practicing a little bit today just to get the rythim and feel of the DLD blasters and I can tell as soon as I get the feeling down nicely, this will be the way to go for me :)

Thanks for the comment, I hope you make good gains in PE as well, research all you can, do what you feel is right, and don’t give up, if you feel one excersize is not giving you enough soreness or not working then do a little more research and adapt your PE excersizing to the new things you learn. :)

Damn good advice above as usual. Especially the part about figuring what works for you and not getting discouraged along the way.

Something I’ve been experimenting with as of late and I’ve not seen it addressed before is;
(I’m not much of a thread searcher so it probably has been addressed before)

If your a hanger, the location of the wrap on your penis.
What I mean is, is your wrap up closer to the glans or down farther near the base?
What I have found is that if the attachment (wrap location on the penis) point is up farther near the glans, than this attempts to streach the penis itself. Which in my estimation would only lead to marginal gains. However, I’ve noticed that when I hang from a location no farther than an inch up from the base, whoa do I get some results. Again in my surmise, this would be because I’m focusing much more on the ligs and lucky for me I’ve got some great potential there.


I have no answers. I am in the exact same position. Seven months of hanging got me zero gains.

One idea has occurred to me, however, which could possibly be helpful. Although all dicks might be made of the same material, that material might be arranged differently in different guys. For some, normal hanging forces may naturally apply more stress to smaller bands of tissue, resulting in quick gains. For others, these forces might be spread across much larger bands of tissue, essentially reducing the stress to something less than that required for gains.

So, I’m thinking that, if “divide and conquer” doesn’t work, maybe the answer is to divide some more. I’ve taken 3 months off from hanging. If I decide to return, the goal will be to apply stress to the smallest portion of tissue possible. BTC pulls on too thick a band. Next time, I’ll hang UTL, alternating side to side. Likewise for the upward angles. I’ll pull up and to the sides, rather than straight up. Basically, I’ll look for any way possible to apply the force from the hanger to the smallest amount of tissue possible.

Another thing to consider is your limiting factors. When you pull out your penis in the direction you want it to grow, what structure feels tightest? This is the structure you need to stretch. Find your limiting factors. Divide and subdivide. Keep dividing until you conquer.

I’ve had exactly the same feelings as you. I’ve begun to wonder whether this site is really an elaborrate scam (and I’m a mod!). Then I remember my girth gains. Oh, yeah, those. I gained 0.8” in about 3 months. I have a bigger dick now than when I started. There’s no doubt. It simply hasn’t grown in the direction I’ve hoped.

Let’s hope we both can do better in the coming year than we have in this one.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.


I would reccomend a stretch I read about on here several months back.

Essentially stand up, put one foot on a table, and stretch your penis down your other leg, pull as hard as you can for 60 seconds. Then switch legs and do the same. Repeat 5 times on each leg.

You should feel an incredible dull ache around the ligs.

I’ve been doing this on and off for a few months now and attribute it to most of my gains. I no longer feel any dull ache when doing this excersize which leads me to believe I have gained as much as I can from it.

Had to blow out of that post abruptly.

I’m also a real firm believer that it does take a bit of figuring out what works for you.
The worst thing you can do, if you really want this though, is to get discouraged.
That just sets yourself up to fail. PE becomes a chore and pretty soon you drop out all together.
Proper mental attitude can go a long long way. When you go to sleep at night envision yourself with an elephants trunk for a wanker. When you awake in the morning tell yourself it’s growing and be happy about it, even if the rate of growth is less than what you currently desire.

I hit a plateau myself a while back. The answers came when I went back and reread some of the info.
I also discovered other threads that said pretty much the same thing you did. Several posters stated the same things you did and then said the answer was to go back and re read the info and figure out IF they were doing things “properly”. One went as far as to state out right; it took a while to figure out how to do it properly and then things took off for me, sure glad I didn’t give up, I was about to.

You said that you did gain .25 and your erections got much better, well hell it IS working.
Remember the overnight sensation is the exception not the rule around here.
You and I have to work for it.

Figure it out, ask for help, but don’t get discouraged and blow out altogther.
Otherwise, it’s just your loss.

Well then..

I greatly appreciate everyones response and input. I know most of you wrote even more than I originally did on this thread so I apologize my thank you is so short.

Today I looked up jelqing again and realized most explanations of jelqing say to hold the base of the dick with one hand while jelqing with the other-to keep blood in the penis better. I have never done that, I just jelqed with one hand at a time back and forth not really trapping the blood too well. Today I tried it out, and I could actually feel some stress in my wang which I hope is a good sign.I’ll keep up on this technique. Also I have started some stretching of the tunica.lig stretching I believe (if the LOT theory is true) is maxed out right now. So I’m gonna screw that for a bit.

I feel the tunica stretching a lot, and I only stretched it for 15mins. I plan on doing multiple stretch-jelq sessions daily.. And only taking rest when I’m too sore or lose good erection levels.

Once again I GREATLY appreciate everyones effort to help me out here. I hope to gain by the end of the summer.or else imma cut this thing off.. Just kidding


Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
8. Avoid all discussions that elude to P.E. And Bodybuilding being anything similar, this has to be the largest crock of shit in the feild.

The one aspect of this I am keeping in mind is that the human body is different and each will respond in different ways. Yes there is an overall approach, but the specifics for each person may vary.

It would be easy if jelqing at 69.69% erection level (assuming that is standard anyway) is the ideal erection level but my unmedically trained mind doesn’t think that is the case.

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