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new theory on length gains.....

new theory on length gains.....

wether through hanging or stretching, I’ve discovered what I think is a bar none truth to getting gains in length. It doesn’t matter if you have tough ligs or pliable ligs, it still applies. Here it goes:

You have to reach a certain point of fatigue in the ligs before they will lengthen. What I mean by that is that if you hang for an hour a day for a week, you may hit a point at the fifth day where your ligs become vulnerable and thus pliable. At that point that is where they begin to lengthen instead of strengthen. Inother words if you’ve been hanging for a while and getting no gains or small gains, ask yourself a couple of ?’s

1. Did I ever hang 2 weeks on a solid routine or was it sporadic(3 staight days, then a week off)?

2. How sore were my ligs?

I hung on and off for months and got no gains but these last two weeks I’ve been doing this routine.

4 days on with 4 20 minute sets a day then 2 days off but on the off days I do 1 20 minute set to keep em’ lengthened and manual stretches 2. I’ve measured a 1/8” gain and am excited as fuck.

The moral of this story, and I’ve learned the hard way, is if your gonna hang, commit to it for at least a month before you make any decisions. I’m on my way to 7.5” nbp which is my goal.

Thanks Boss! I will be sure tro incorporate this to whemn I start hanging! Makes sense. I will give you any and all feedback on it too! You always post well on new unconventional ideas that mean much to certain groups. For Ex. the hangers! Maybe the Jelqers too! Hell just about everyone!



That is great news! Congrats. I myself have been in a rut for many months. Your theory makes perfect sense and hit me over the head like a ton of bricks. I can’t wait to try it out.


on your days off how much weight did you use if any under your normal weight?


I wounder if you just hung 30 min everyday if it would give the same results?


My hanging has been ranging from 15-25 pounds. On my “day off” I usually hang max weight to try and keep the ligs loose. And yes, I’m pretty sure that if you stuck to it and didn’t miss more than a day then 2 15 minute sets or 30 minutes a day would give you gains after a period of time. IOW it would be better to hang 3 sets of 20 minutes a day(1hr) for a week than to do 21 sets of 20 minutes(7hr) Monday then rest for the rest of the week. Also you can do long routines, 2-3 hrs plus as long as you promise that the next day you’ll get at least one set to keep em stretched. I’ll keep doing things this way and keep you guys posted but I am excited for real.

I am curious to see how this theory works out in my case. I strongly am interested in it for a specific reason. The connective tissues of the body (ligaments and tendons) take an incredibly longer time to heal and rebuild than lean muscle tissue. This lends credence to the theory. Essentially you aren’t letting it ever really heal, but instead forcing it to give, give, give. This makes me wonder if for health reasons it would be a good idea to hang day-to-day for a good long period then take 2 days off to allow simple healing, not a great strengthening. Something to think about. But the day-to-day hanging, and I would think smaller sessions in morning/afternoon is maybe better than one session per day (maybe), seems to sound right.

I truly appreciate your thinking on this issue.

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