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Length-focus routine

Length-focus routine

Can someone suggest a solid routine consisting of exercises geared toward length (I’ve been on and off for a while so advanced stuff is fine)? I’ve been doing stretches + jelqs/squeezes for both length and girth, but I wanna change it up and just do length for a while. Thanks!

Nothing beats hanging if you have the time

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Keep doing what you are doing. Also, if you don’t have time (or privacy) like me. Try the Penimaster. (And no I don’t work for the company). It has worked for me.

The Penimaster works for me too. But I do not know if it will work for someone who is not a grower. I seems like it “teaches” the penis how to not hide in its cave. But If it actually makes the whole unit longer; I do not know.

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I think the Penimaster aids in keeping the microtears you get from hanging or jelquing “open” so they heal in a longer ( lengthier ) position.

Hanging and Penimaster sounds like a winning combination.

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Girth is Better

Frosty, a 1/8” in girth is always better than a 1/2” in length because girth affects the whole volume of the dick.

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