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Routine strictly for length gains

Routine strictly for length gains

I was doing the newbie routine for a solid 3 weeks, then I kinda fell off the boat. My measurements are 5 inch length and 4.7ish in girth. I’m pretty satisfied with my girth right now, I would love another 1+ inch in length. Is there a routine to just focus on length gains? Thanks

Unfortunately not.

There are exercise such as stretching and jelqing whch work primarlily on length but there will always be a certain amount of girth increase. Just how much depends on your body make up.

But do a search on length gains and see how other guys have dealt with the problem.

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Hanging is for length gains (minus some girth at the base of the penis). IDK, try hanging, stretching and jelqing. Jelqing may give some girth, but you’re going to want to do it for the EQ benefits.

Hanging is a time consuming PE activity. You gotta work your way up in weight, don’t go too crazy with weight, but ultimately, the more time the better, 6 20 minute sets is what many vets prescribe. If anything, cut out stretches, but if you have the time, why not throw them in?

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I think hanging is by far the best for length gains. It does take a lot of time and you need to take it slow with moving up in weight. I only hang don’t do any other exercises.

I think it’s a good idea sticking with the newbie routine for another two months : see what it gives.

Hanging will toughen your penis, is very time consuming, and, despite what many seem to believe, it gives no guarantee of length gains; there are some guys around here who spent several months in hanging, living like a recluse, without having any gains.

Follow what people have said above and then if all else fails then use a reputable extender!

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Keep going with the newbie routine for a few more months and then look into other exercises such as hanging. IMO, 3 weeks is not long enough to condition yourself for exercises such as that.

People usualy gain from jelqing and stretching just as well, and I don’t think he is totaly against girth’ just prefer lenght.

For that, just go more stretches then jelqs, first see if you can gain with less before you start doing more.

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