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Just thought I would share this with you….

I have been taking the above amino acid for the last month. However on Saturday last I took double my usual dose of 500mg ie. I took 1000mgs and guess what by Monday I have the recurence of a cold sore on my mouth. It is the largest and most painful one I have ever suffered. I need to balance l-arginine (which promotes the herpes virus replication) with l-lysine which inhibits it. The trouble is that l-arginine is in many of the foods which I love:- chocolate, nuts and cereals. Anyone had a previous experience I would like to hear about it.

I think I read that something like 75 percent of males carry a herpes virus - whatever, a large number of us. And it’s true that L-a aggravates an onset in sufficient dosages. But the dosage that kicks it in differs for everyone.

The most L-a I’ve taken is 2 grams in a day, usually 1500 mg (500 mg 3 x a day) with no herpes onset. But I’m sure that if I took enough of it I’d experience what you are now.

That having been said, I do believe that L-arginine has a very positive erectile benefit once you have been on it for a week or two. The only negative side effects I am aware of are a tendency toward loose bowels and abdominal gas. I’ve done some reading on L-a. Supposed to be good for general vascular health and, as a source of n. oxide increase, it does improve the frequency and quality of nocturnal erections - among the healthiest events that can happen for sexually active men.



I’ve been taken the l-arginine as well…does wonders for my loads… but I too have had the gas and loose bowel movements… just hoping that my body adjusts.. but overall I would recommend it

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