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Arginine good, arginine bad?

Arginine good, arginine bad?

That wonderful place, the internet. Just when you have found a treasure, a new webpage presents itself to call your treasure, trash.

Arginine= good:


Arginine = bad:

Here is sit with a pound of fresh arginine power just delivered yesterday. It has the smell of sex clean up time, and a bitter taste. I have discovered by wading through huge forum threads that the best way to take it is with diet soda.

So now I don’t know whether to feel like a 3-card-monte victim or a research success.

I am a bodybuilder and I kind of wanted the arginine to help in musclebuilding, but if all it does is harden my wood and lower blood pressure I’ll take it. But if it makes me retain body fat, out it goes.

Anyone got some input on this, especially the arginine = bad part?

Arginine good

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I looked at the Arginine = bad link. It’s a pitch for a book, so we are only getting little snippets. Saying a book is extensively resurched and that the auther is an “expert” are not the same as backing up those claims. Also found a few grammar police violations which always make a bit leary.

I know about the Arginine = Bad if you have herpies thing. Anyone else have negative info about arginine?

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