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Question with manual stretching and kegels

Question with manual stretching and kegels

Well I just started my first PE routine today and I am very excited and hope to make some progress. OK I have a question with stretches how erect should you be when doing manual stretches. Same question for kegels, do you want to be 100% erect doing both?

Also just to let you know my starting measurements are 5” x 5.25 ” erect(weird I think)

Well thanks for anyone who can help

When doing manual stretches, especially as a newbie.. it is HIGHLY recommended that you be as near to completely flaccid as possible. Stretching penile tissue while erect could result in some pretty serious damage.

As far as kegels go, erect or flaccid doesn’t really make much of a difference as you’re not exercising your penis. There are kegel exercises such as placing a towel over your erect penis while standing and trying to kegel such that you use the towel as resistance to get a better workout.


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Thanks Satiate I appreciate the help very much. Just to make sure I am jelqing right, I am doing it at about 70% erect is that about right?

That’s fine waffles.

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