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Jelqing, standing, sitting, lying down

Jelqing, standing, sitting, lying down

Anyone believe it is best to do jelqs standing, sitting or lying down?

Interested in your opinions.


I don’t know what’s “best” . I just do them whenever the opportunity arises. Standing in the shower, lying in bed,sitting at the computer.

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There’s no ‘best’ way really.

It ALL comes down to how correctly you perform each exercise. If you prefer sitting then sit, if you prefer standing then stand and if you prefer lying down then do so. Just as long as you’re doing the exercises properly - without causing yourself any injury - then you’re on the right track to seeing some gains. Best of luck.

- Lee Beast

Personally, I jelq standing up because when sitting down it’s harder to keep from getting hard for some reason.

I’m really lazy. I usually grab “The World is Flat” by Thomas Friedman and lay in bed while doing my PE. Whenever I get hard doing my exercises, I just read a page or two real quick and my erection subsides. I’ll do them at the computer or while watching TV too. It’s hard on my neck when I stand up and look down for what seems like hours, even though it’s not.

Just focus on EVERY jelq. The mind does wonders.

I find it easier to do them sitting down, I feel I don’t get as much grip while standing, personal taste end of the day tho’

Jelging is the future

I stand up most of the time.find that it gives me different “angles” of milking my shaft, for variety though, I do enjoy the sit-down workouts as well.

Jelqing is organ is thicker, darker and more “muscular” after just a month of getting back into it!

Originally Posted by Cockmaster
Jelging is the future

Best first post ever!


The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.

~Oscar Wilde~

I sit down doing them, hanging over a chair but occassionally will stand

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