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Jelq/Stretch Avoiding "Turkey Neck"

Jelq/Stretch Avoiding "Turkey Neck"

Hello everyone,

As a sort of “Half-Circumsized Guy” I’m noticing some additional skin growth towardds the base of my penis. I’ve been Jelqing and Stretching lightly for the the past month or so, but somewhat inconsistantly due to those pesky demands of life. Although I think I may have made some minor girth and length gains, as well as some vascular improvement the increased skin actually makes the penis look smaller! Reading the FAQ it says to retract the foreskin during a Jelq or stretch, but I’m really not sure how to go about doing so in the proper manner. If I pull it back per normal with one hand and then jelq with the other some of it inevitably slides loose and also I cannot grip as low as I’d like due to my other hand holding down the foreskin.

I’m aware my explaination may be a little confusing, so apologies in advance. Anyone have some suggestions?

Yea the turkey neck seems to happen alot. Has anyone tried the surgery to get rid of it?

The turkey neck is cause by a lack of skin, not extra skin. If you gain penis length without stretching the skin specifically on the underside of your penis, the scrotum will start to creep up the shaft causing the “turkey neck”. I’ve greatly reduced mine since focusing more on skin growth there.

Ahh okay maybe I misread what I’m seeing. I see more skin at the base of the penis, but then again perhaps the testicles are closer up. Does this sound about right, per normal PE experience? So to counteract this I should stretch the scrotal skin downward? How would you reccommend doing so? Manually or with some kind of ring?

I got this from the thread “tight sac, help!”

Originally Posted by mlolongo
I got mine hanging by pulling the fluccid dick and balls from behind in between the legs and maintaining them stretched and trapped there the whole night as I sleep, when I wake up in the morning I flex them by pulling them outward gradually with an OK grip behind the ball like in the position of the cock ring

I honestly tried this for a few of weeks and it actually did the trick. My balls actually hang low. My meat is finally complemented by some visible potatoes. I know that’s not what you are interested in, but let me tell about some of the other effects I noticed. Most obvious was it appeared that my foreskin was trying to grow back. I’m cut mind you and always wished I had my foreskin and apparently this stretching allowed me to reclaim some of it. Nearly half of my glands are covered when flaccid after only three weeks of stretching. The other side affect was that my personal turkey neck had nearly completely vanished. When I see my erection in profile my dick points out straight and proud, by balls hang low and heavy, and my turkey neck is not even a quarter of what it used to be. Hope this helps, let me know how it goes for you.

I don’t get exactly what you mean can you explain it more please.

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I can explain the manual stretch. Grab the penis with one hand and pull up while grabbing the balls with the other hand and pull down. Hold for a few minutes, and do it every day.

I think the method described above would be to pull your balls behind your legs keeping your penis in front and hold that by putting your legs together as you go to sleep. You would get some stretch until you released them during your sleep or when you wake up. I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds like a great idea.

The turkey neck is cause by a lack of skin, not extra skin.

I am uncut and I have noticed that I don’t have a tight ball sac. In fact, my balls hang kinda low, especially one of them :) , but because I am uncut and have a loose sack, I often get the turkey neck effect. I don’t think it visually looks bad, but I have notice that those who have upward angled erections and a tight sack appear “sexier” or cleaner. I also can’t trim my pubes on my sack very close simply because of my loose skin. I usually use an electric shaver and use the mustache trimmer that comes with it and I usually can trim everything except the hairs on my nuts. I have clipped my skin before and it doesn’t feel good.

Anyways, I feel like I have too much skin which is what causes my turkey neck


MDC explained it pretty well for my taste. I actually did it more like mlolongo described it and pushed both my penis and balls between my legs and clamped my legs together. Having my penis back there is possibly why my foreskin was getting stretched. For you I would do just like MDC said and just shove your balls between your legs. I usually start in a fetal position to get as much skin between my legs and then slowly straighten out my body. I do this until I feel a good stretch and do my best to fall asleep like that. Hope that helps.

Im pretty sure my ‘Turkey Neck’ isn’t caused by no/less skin on my sac haha. When they hang, they hang! But there is still what I call ‘stringy skin’ that is attached to the shaft 1/4 of the way up. It even connects up to the skin on the side of the penis shaft at the base.

Even when I masturbate with a tighter grib, my balls will move as I grip the skin. —> Meaning my sac is being thrown around as I jack off because it is attached to the shaft skin… haha

I have always thought about surgery and if that could correct it. But really, I have begun to become accustomed to it, and I find that after a good jelq/squeeze session that the extra skin at the balls/base of my cock adds real real girth plumpness. If that makes sense.

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