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A Primer on Avoiding Nerve Damage

A Primer on Avoiding Nerve Damage

Well Gentlemen, I feel I have to share some newly found convictions with you in the spirit of Thunder’s Place (because sharing is what Thunder’s Place is all about, isn’t it? – Thank you, Thunder!)

During the last 6 weeks, I have gone through 3 bouts of nerve damage/numbness in my glans. All three were due to ignorance (not stupidity, just ignorance). The first episode came about as a result of stepping up my hanging time and TWISTING in the Bib hanger. The twisting was the major problem. In a moment, I will share some solutions that I found, but now I’ll discuss the other two episodes. The first damage/numbness began to heal quickly. In a matter of two days most of the feeling came back. The recovery included a lot of tingling. About 3 days after I had total feeling in my glans, my son accidentally kicked me on the penis while swimming at the pool. This sent the unit into numbness again. It took about a week to recover from this. Recovery was again characterized by tingling, however, this time I had a nighttime woody that must have stretched the nerves and caused a little numbness to return. Then, I had a burning feeling in the glans for 3 days until complete normal sensation returned. The third episode occurred when I hung a couple of sets, did about 2 hours of padlock stretching and then made a big mistake. I put on a Bib starter before bed (I bought it for a friend and he hadn’t picked it up yet – I use a regular Bib) and hooked it to a belt for a very mild stretch that I was going to keep on all night. I awoke in the middle of the night with a numb dick as I scrambled to remove the starter. Recovery is coming along like before and I am now in the burning stage again after having a woody last night. I mention the sensations prior to and during recovery in case any of you experience the same thing. There are several things that I have learned from this and several convictions that I have adopted.

FIRST – Do not hang with any hanger (especially a Bib) if the head twists in the hanger while you are hanging. What causes the twisting? I have found two things. The first is wrapping in a spiral manner. This wrapping technique consistently caused me problems. I solved the problem by wrapping with a three inch wide by 10 inch strip of thin sweatshirt material followed by a similar size piece of Theraband (silver). This gave me a good solid wrap with no spirals. ALSO, I adjusted the Bib hanger to toe in slightly rather than toe out. Toeing in allows the hanger to grip the shaft behind the glans, and if you tighten it down hard and re-tighten a little after the weight is applied, the head will not twist in the hanger. If it does twist, it will only twist a couple of degrees.

SECOND – Never do any type of hanging, stretching or ADS type of activity while you are sleeping. Having the ability to monitor how your penis is reacting to the work is critical to avoid injury. If you do any type of ADS, monitor it constantly.

I am planning on taking another 10 days to 2 weeks off before resuming PE. I almost swore off PE forever, but thankfully, I found that I could hang without twisting before the third numbness episode. I will never do any type of PE at night. I have gone from numbness to normalcy three times and I don’t want to have to deal with that anxiety again. I hope that everyone reads this and benefits from my experiences.

Be safe


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks for the report. Jelktoid, I do believe your penis has nine lives. Be careful because now I think you only have six left!

Verrry interesting thought on the spiral wrapping issue.

In your opinion would the baby sock solution most likely stop the twisting you discussed?

thats why hanging isnt for every one


Same here man but its happened to me just 2 times.

The first came from not having the hanger tight enough for 15 lbs. and that caused lots of problems by its self the other was trying all different kinds of wraps the one bib tells me to do sucks the worst out of all of them for me at least! But stupid me thought if bib says it it must be good right? Wrong big time for me at about the last 5 mins. of my sets I would get numb and then when i took the hanger off it would go away, after awhile of doing this my dick just became numb all day so I had to stop!

Took 9 days for me to heal and my first day back on I hung 17.5 lbs. cause it felt good like it was working! I wraped the way I liked to though out most of the sets and did get numbness but just alittle and on my last set 4th I hung the way bib tells me which is to wrap one in. behind the head and all the rest of that and then tightin the fuck out of the heanger!! at the end of the set had numbness and when I unwraped I had I big red line from where the hanger was tightin up so much at(about 1 in. behind the head) So now I’m off of hanging for at least another 5 days! and am going to stop hanging till I hit my girth goal then go back to it and hang 3 hours a day with like 12.5 lbs. Well thats my numbness story!


Hey J4L,

What the fuck are you doing hanging 17.5 pounds?? How long have you been hanging? Why are you moving up in weight if you can’t get the wrap to work correctly? You are asking for injury.

While you have the time off from hanging to recover from the numbness, spend the time reading. Go back and read Bib’s product guide again, twice if you have to. I really think there are a few points that you may have missed the first time around.

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thunder ss

Maybe your right maybe your wrong!

I don’t know all I do know is I tired all kinds of shit and bib even gave be help on it! I know that alot of other guys have trouble past 12 lbs. It’s not the wrap as much as it is how tight I have to clamp the bib onto my dick! Oh yeah and thunder my ligs can take the wieght some guys have to start with this much just to get sore! I have been hanging for about 80 hours now!


How long and at what weight were you managing to hang comfortably? Maybe you should go back to that point and progress more slowly.

Get the wrapping down first and worry about the soreness in the ligs later. Getting in a hurry and hurting yourself just causes you to have to take more time off. Also adds to the possibility that you may injure yourself bad enough to have to quit.

Just be more careful and more patient is all I’m asking you to do.

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A you may already know my girth is under 5 so Im going to take how ever long it takes to get to 5 in. in girth off from hanging

I think i said this before but im going to go back to 12.5 maybe 10lbs.

and hang 3 hours a day! something like 4-5 on 1-2 off


jelktoid very good info…Thx for sharing…

I hope to avoid most problems by doing the Turtle Method
“Slow and Steady” ………………..N2

Uh, guys...

do heed the advice of Thunder’s with respect to reading. Most folks, myself included, miss things in the first through fourteenth read when it comes to instructions. It’s often the little things…like not falling asleep while hanging or stretching. I realize the hangers forum is huge, but take it in small chunks as recreational reading and alot of Q’s can be answered and potentially disastrous pitfalls eliminated. If you find it large and daunting task, start from the beggining. IOW, the oldest posts. Alot of basics were covered very thoroughly by Bib on this first round of hangers. It’s quite detailed Q/A conversation and alot of problems were solved then for many of us. Remember, it’s very easy to fuck-up with weight on your dick. When it comes to hanging, an ounce of wisdom is a pound of saftey. groa

Yup, I gotta second Thunder and Groa here. I’ve read but you read so much you forget something here or there. And my injury (healed now) was a result of that. The BibHanger guide is the #1 thing to look at as an overall. Then you need to research certain areas of that like fatigue, wrapping, duration, weight, and so on.
Be a responsible hanger.

Now personally I am thrilled with the idea of inducing growth with the lowest weight possible. This is actually how it’s supposed to be done (however you define lowest weight). Essentially we start by coaxing that internal shaft outwards, then adding shaft length via longterm hanging. We certainly have to fight against the tendency to view this as weightlifting. I now know my penis was never of that mind.


As I said before, wrapping to eliminate twisting and very slightly toeing your Bib hanger in will help keep you safe. However, the toeing in will not work with the Bib starter since it does not grip a wide enough area. Also, be cautious about the amount of weight that you hang. I was hanging 20 lbs. before my first injury. When I started back, I tried 5 lbs. then moved up to 10. I was getting sore ligs from 10 lbs., so I know that 20 was way too much. I would recommend that everyone who hangs try the wrap method that I use. Take a 3 inch strip of thin sweatshirt about 10 inches long (enough for 2 complete wraps) then the same size piece of silver Thera. This wrap will help you to avoid twisting.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks Jelktoid - I am going to give that straight wrap a shot tonight! I always appreciate the effort people put into making PE more effective and safer..

Hey Twatteaser,

Sorry that I didn’t answer your question. I must have skipped over it. I think that the baby socks would be fine. They are not wrapped in a spiral, but rather just pulled on.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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