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Different stretches and avoiding ED

Different stretches and avoiding ED

Through trial and error, I have found that my dick can only handle stretching after four weeks of jelqing. After this week, I should be ready to start some light stretching, and I wanted some input on which exercises would be less stressful on my dick.

Would JAIs be better to do versus light, static stretching for 5 seconds at a time?

For those of you who have experienced ED caused by stretching, if you have started back into PE and stretching, how did you avoid ED? Which stretches are you doing?

Hey SS,

How about an update?

Did you ever figure out what stretches worked for you without causing problems?

Your post here kind of fell through the cracks. Which is a shame really, I apologize for not seeing it earlier. A guy that is as helpful to others as you are, should not have been ignored or missed.

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Hi Superstroker

I amost quit static stretches and now work only with Jai which provided me with 0.5cm in length gains during the last 4 weeks. After starting with Jai’ also my errection became much stronger than before.
Give it a try- and good luck!




Since February, I’ve been doing a Jelq-only routine, with modified strokes here and there, thinking that it would do some good. Last month, I measured 1/8” all around the board, which is awesome because I haven’t really had any solid girth gains (or length in some time).

As for stretching:
I haven’t had the chance of keeping a consistent PE schedule these past few weeks due to other things that need attention, but I have tried stretching again. Since reading the LOT threads and some suggesting JAIs straight down, I decided to give it another go. About once or twice a week, I was doing JAIs straight down while sitting on the edge of a chair, only for a couple of sets of 5-10 reps. No problems with erections or hardness.

This week, I did 3 sets of JAIs, three nights in a row, without having any problems during sex. And here’s what I’ve learned:

Back when I was having problems with erections, I noticed when I did manual stretching, I pulled straight out. Doing this, I felt stress on the upper portion of the shaft along the top (where I’m sure all those precious nerves are). I’ve also noticed that I had problems by stretching upward. Now, by stretching downward, I only feel tension in the ligs and base area, and I haven’t had any problems, yet. (Knock on wood.)

The key for me is jelqing sometime after stretching but before sex. I stretch only at night - later after sex or on nights that I don’t have sex. In the morning, I do my jelq routine, and I’m fluffy all day. I also do kegels throughout the day, and I feel that this helps, too.

The way I’m stretching now feels like it’s hitting the spots that everyone was screaming about when JAIs were first introduced, so maybe I’m on the right track now. This next month, I’ll be able to have a consistent PE routine, and I’ll know once in for all how this type of stretching will affect me. So far, so good. Just hope it stays that way.

Thanks Thunder :)

AndreasF - Reading your post has giving me some confidence in this because it sounds like you’re doing the same as me. Thanks!

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