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Jelq Squeeze

Jelq Squeeze

This is about my sixth week PEing. From about the third week I have incorporated jelq squeezes into my routine. I just get an erection and then grip hard at the base and hold for one minute. I have worked my way up to 20 of these on PE days.

Does anyone else do this?

Does it give results?

Would I be better off with some kind of not-so-extreme Uli?

I want girth, but I do heed others warnings and don’t want to over-do it. Any advice?

How is that a jelq squeeze? It sounds like you have the constituents for a uli there.

I guess thats just what I call it. I just squeeze at the base, I don’t force pressure up the shaft.

The jelq squeeze is a two handed thing. What you’re doing is a uli thing ( :) ).

If you use an overhand OK and then add your other fingers into the grip (squeezing the blood into a smaller part of the shaft) then you are into Sadsak head exercise territory. One of my favorites.

I did jelqs and uli-type squeezes during my first 2 months of PE, and I went from 5.1 EG to 5.8 EG. So, my experience would support the effectiveness of these exercises for girth. I gained about 1/2” in length during the same interval, but haven’t gained a millimeter since :( .

Modesto that is awesome.

I finish by squeezing at the base then also squeezing below the glands and and push together
Get a SICK PUMP all knarly and veiny the pressure is pretty big.

I have a little curve and if I squeeze anti the curve it straightens it immediately, in fact since doing this I notice the shaft is a lot straighter now.

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