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Jelq Direction

Jelq Direction

Does it make a difference which direction you jelq? Let’s say you’re sitting upright on the edge of a chair… do you go straight out? Can you lay back and jelq straight upwards towards the ceiling? I’ve read descriptions where it was instructed to jelq downwards. I’ll usually change positions throughout the workout… sitting, laying, and I’ll usually do a bunch of reps standing as well. Is there any ONE way to go? Is it just as effective to jelq in different directions/positions?

What do you guys prefer and why?

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I can only so far jelq with the pj device. When I use my hands I just can’t get it right.

I jelq downwards but straight out feels more comfortable and easier to do. I am unable to jelq up while laying down with the pj device because the slug drops down to side or forward or backwards and moving the pj device on the downward stroke to reinitate the pull always has the slug getting caught up in the sissor mechansim of the PJ device.

I do my jelqing on the toilet, sitting up with a bit of an incline, jelqing out and slightly downward. This is most comfortable for me. I usually switch it up by going to the edge of the toilet and jelqing as far downward as I can, hoping to hit the ligs more. After a couple of minutes, things start feeling uncomfortable, and I go back to my original position.

Jelqing upwards doesn’t make sense to me (gravity will drain blood out). Downwards might be more effective, straight out seems practical?

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