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Is stretching = hanging weight?

Is stretching = hanging weight?

Hi all,

When we stretch our penis, is it not the same as hanging weight? In manual stretching we use our hands.

Does stretching also give girth benefits?


It´s the “same” as long as the force and time is the same.

And if hanging gives girth, stretching should as well (of course).


to expand on pans answer:

Hanging allows you to accurately guage the force you are placing on your penis and if you find you are not gaining you can increase the maximum weight you hang or change the angle you hang at to stress the ligaments differently.

With static stretching you are not in as easy a position to guage the force and it will vary within the period of a stretch and its easier to change the angle of the stretch because you are not limited to a downward force (unless you have a pully system). Also using a v-stretch its possible to apply more force using the same amount of pull.

There are also other forms of stretching like the (J)AI stretch which are great intensity but only last 2 seconds, the rotating stretch and the fowfer which provide a different range of intensity than the static stretch or hanging.

The girth benefits you should see from hanging and static stretching will be at the base only. Hangers generaly complain of a carrot shaped penis (conical as Bib calls it) correctable once length is obtained with uli’s/sadsaks/horses. Stretchers often jelq as well so the tendancy towards a baseball bat shaped penis from jelqing with a minimal erection should offset the girth gains from stretching.

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