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Stretching Devices and Hanging

Stretching Devices and Hanging

In the various threads that discuss stretching devices (PM, Jes Extender, etc.) in relation to hanging, I don’t think I’ve seen the following issue discussed: How do the forces that these devices allow you to place on your penis when stretching it compare to the weights that are commonly used when hanging?

In other words, if someone has his PM cranked up to 3 or 4 (as an example), what weight is this equivalent to hanging with?

I’m really asking if these stretching devices allow for tensions similar to those achieved when hanging in the more common weight regions (say, 10 to 25 lbs.).

I can’t be sure, but I seem to remember that in that instructions for my stretcher it claimed a force up to 1500g. This is less than the 10 to 25lbs that could be used for hanging, however, it is important to remember that the stretchers are meant to be worn all day so the tension has to be a lot less than that achieved through hanging.


Thanks for that. Yes, but bear in mind that Bib (and others) would hang all day, sometimes using extreme weights.

Anyone else who has some insight into what the weight equivalent for these stretching devices is?

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