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Is Anybody Stuck With No Gains?



I feel for you bro that really sucks at least I got a fast gain at first. I’m not sure I could have stuck with it without my early gains. You should be proud of your stick to it ness

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Do you stretch by hand? I believe there are those that have gained that way, but personally I like the idea of fowfers ( pulling the dick under a leg) better than stretching by hand. I tried by hand briefly and found I wasn’t willing to pull for long at all and my tension seemed to wane as I got tired/bored with pulling. At least with fowfers I sit on my dick and it’s so much easier for me to get in more time that way. I can get quite a bit of steady tension as desired by sliding forward.

The drawback to fowfers is I have to be somewhat careful ( like we have to with all PEing exercises). Afterall, I’m sitting on my dick. I haven’t injured myself that way, except just one day did I have my head sort of pinched and didn’t realise it. When I got up the head of my dick had a whitish ripple to it in about a 1/2” line. Everything went back to normal after some minutes. I usually get up after about 5 minutes, check my dick, and then sit back down on it. During this second sit down it feels like I’m stretching it further easier.

Have you thought about hanging? I also do that and I think it’s the best length exercise there is by far. I use Captn’s Wench and have had no injuries with it.

Anyway, just wanting to see you start getting gains and thought I would run those by you even though I know you are aware of them already.

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Thanks guys,

a little comiseration helps…I’ve done fowlers in one of my cycles but I have a pretty low lot and didn’t see any response. I bought a bib hanger (starter) just before bib left and I use it a couple times a week with about 11lbs. I’m primarily back to good hot warm-ups, hard stretches and 300-500 jelqs each day…I’m gonna stick to it and complete my year before making any decisions. It is good to hear I’m not alone. Its also good to hear that most get at least 0.25 in a year… Hang in there…..

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

Hey Russell,

I saw initial gains from hanging of about 3/8”, for which I’m grateful. But on account of a change in time and privacy, I’ve been stretching and jelqing for the past four months. During that time I too have seen zero gains in length, which is what I’m trying for. I’ve decided to try hanging again, though it will only be for about two hours a day. I’m also thinking of getting a Penimaster, or some other ADS device. Hobby’s thread on the importance of low-intensity, long-duration stretching verses high-intensity, short-duration stretching really impressed me (Connective tissue- FIRST "THREAD OF THE YEAR"). I admire your commitment to hang in there with your current routine till you reach one year. But nine months is a long time. Perhaps you should consider trying something new.

I also have a lowish LOT. So I’m also going to focus on the tunica. I’ve been doing a little tunica stretching, but mostly I’ve been stretching (or attempting to stretch) the ligs. Wadzilla recently suggested that big gainers get most of their gains from tunica development (Patience…). He comments that lig stretching will yield 3/4” or so increase, but certainly nothing approaching, say, 2”. The point is that you may have more success by focusing on the tunica. According to Bib’s LOT theory (if true), men differ in terms of how much growth potential they have from lig stretching. But I’ve never heard anyone suggest anything like this for tunica stretching.

What injuries did you experience from hanging? Twice I’ve experienced nerve damage from using my Bib hanger, once from hanging and once from manual stretching with it. But I’m going to give it another try and simply improve my use of it.

Best of luck. I hope you can get to that first 1/4” growth by Christmas!

KittyCat, wait till you turn 35! Before then I was able to eat whatever and however much I wanted, and I never needed to exercises (though I was very physically active). But now, ugh!


Great name! I work in three month cycles and take pretty good notes. I started hanging last May. After a few weeks of toughing it up I moved up to about 13lbs but was pretty sore that week. I noticed some difficulty getting an erection, got scared, and laid off the hanging for another month. I tried the hanger again in August and recently had another bout with poor erection quality so I’m laying off the hanging for another bit. I’m religious about jelquing and warming up (rice sock). It has been my routine for almost a year now…

Start 030104 EBPL: 6.25" EG : 5.6" Mid LOT : 7:30 GOAL: 0.25 in any direction...."I'm not picky"- length would be nice "GIVE ME A %&#'N INCH OR GIVE ME DEATH"

My hunch is that the poor erection quality was from some degree of damage to your nerves. As I said, I’ve done this twice. The second time was not very bad, as I was monitoring things closely. But the result was, as you experienced, my erections were not very strong.

Yet lots of people apparently use the Bib hangers without this problem. I’m assuming that there is something I’m doing wrong, and I’m going to try to sort it out. But if I keep having this problem, I will of course stop using the device.

I’m also thinking of getting a Penimaster. They look interesting, and I like the principle behind them. And certain others seem to be having some degree of success with them. If the hanging and the Penimaster strike out, I plan on returning to manual stretching but changing my routine—e.g., doing all tunica stretching. At that point, I may also try pumping. The point being, there are a variety of methods out there that individuals have had success with. I certainly won’t give up till I’ve explored them all thoroughly.

Best of luck in your efforts.


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