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Is Anybody Stuck With No Gains?


Is Anybody Stuck With No Gains?


I’m stuck I can’t buy a gain. I have gained .25 in 7 months. Well a couple of those months I really didn’t put the effort in to it, but still a .25 gain that really sucks. I have made some good flaccid girth and length gains but that’s it. Anybody else been jelqing for awhile and have this problem and find a solution. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m happy I have gained 1.5 inches in length to a very respectable 7.75 and .5 in girth to 6. But I need a crappy .25 to get to my goal of 8x6. I’m open for advice on how to restart the growth. Is anybody else having this problem?




try taking a few weeks off and let things have a bit of a rest. I’ve been off my program for over a year now. 2 more weeks of school and then I’ll have time to get going again. Some of the guys from the old board and chat will recall that I was “working out” for close to 2 hours a day and made some good gains in 6 or 8 months. Close to 1 1/4 L and about 3/4 in girth in about 8 months if I remember right. Since I didn’t do any maintenance program, I did loose a lot of my gains, although Sunny says I haven’t lost all of them. Sometime near the end of the month I plan to get a new set of measurements and attack the thing again. I’m also considering hanging to see what happens and how fast it does.
Good luck!


Speed costs money... So how fast do ya wanna go?

mix it up

D —

Not interested in hanging?

You could power out 1/4” in your sleep.

Because you would be starting slow and using little weight Hubbards setup would probably do the trick.

If not then check out the enlargement strap deal this might work. Caution you may want to read lil2bgs post in the hangers section first; it’s a riot.

If I hang my way to 8.5 this year and your not there yet i’ll give you a 1/4.


Thanks guys, I might have to start hanging. Zep thanks for the .25 offer. Time is the problem, if I can just get that .25 I could deal with slow gains I just gotta reach my goal. It’s like being in a car race and being a lap away from the finish line and running out of gas and having to push the car the rest of the way.


dino and 403

Look, yall have BOTH “gained” more than me, and I have been at this for over two years, though there were “off” times. The only
thing going for me is that I was already born big, and some initial gains were just recapturing my old, youthful size that had shrunk
from age, lack of use in sexless marriages, and just loss of interest. I cannot believe I was like that. Boy, have I changed.


403—I didn’t know you had PEed at all, much less had a gain. Congrats my man, that is really great. Your dedication
and such a fine and “honoring” wife (yes, I know all about that, I do) will pay off I am sure.

BUT, you should NOT have lost as much as you say. Something is wrong there, as this stuff is mostly permanent, unless
you don’t use it,and with Sunny you’d be in big trouble if you didn’t use it, hehehehe. You can tell her I said that. I can
see the twinkle in her eyes.

Maybe you didn’t measure consistently.

Dino— man you have gained a hell of a lot more than me and you have put much less “effort” into it. I’d not complain. Increase your
intensity and perhaps even take a vacation. I have never told this to anyone, though Bib and I discuss it. It is possible
in some men, and you may or may not be one, that a long vacation from PE renders the tissues very weak and breakable
when you return. That is evidenced by the need to go way down in hanging weight. The bonds that need to be torn
open may be easier after a layoff, given some constant weight or resistance (hanging or jeqluing).



Hey renegade,

I’ve gotta go along with Phat9 on that one. Perhaps a slight loss or maybe over years when one gets on in age a noticeable loss may be expected.

But such a lot in such a short time at such a young age? Or you didn’t explain youself well or we have misinterpreted your words, or something isn’t right.

Fill us in a little.


Hey Dino--- Same Problem

I have had no real gains since I started with the new hanger last August.

I wasn’t wrapping properly, and getting blood, and was a bit discouraged, and Bib helped me, then summer came, and Christmas then holidays and Mardi Gras bringing losts of disruption— house guests and all that so I was a bit sporadic— but not too bad. I never gave up except or about a month mid Feb to mid March, which should have been a good break to come back and make some gains.

So I’ve been religiously hanging 1-1.5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week—-with the help of Bib’s wrapping drawings things are much better— —an hour at night and an extra session of about half an hour most mornings, and then putting on the old Bib under my work trousers for 5-8 hours in the day to keep it stretched (— see the thread on the “ENLARGERSTRAP” in the HANGERS FORUM and the interchanges between Lil1 and myself— ) but it’s early days and I’m very hopeful of getting some gains going again.

(We two “Little Aussie Battlers” are leading the world with our extended periods of hanging using the old Bib. Lil1 is set to catch up to me very soon, though— RATS!!

It does annoy me that the best I can ever manage is 9.5 inches bone pressed stretch with the hanger on and about 25 lbs of force pulling forward and slighty down though .

If I am growing, why can I never get past that figure? (I did get 9 5/8” once, but not for a couple of weeks now.)

At the end of my work out this morning, I got it to hit 9 inches BP, equal to where I was just after a workout last August. Ordinary erections are at 8.5- 8.75 BP. Big Deal.

(Look…….. I’m actually ecstatic that it is 9 inches under any circumstances—- so I’m still getting a kick out of all of this— as I think you do to. We all must have some perverse “dick stretching equals happiness” gene.)

I also read with much interest Avocet 8’s “synergy between pumping and jelquing” stuff, and remember that was what I was doing — along with hanging with Bib #2 up till August last year. Maybe I had hit on the right combo then, and need to go back to it.

Anyway— nice to “talk” to you, “Dino— old Mate” and best wishes for some gains. I’ll be in NYC in August, I hope.

“Retiring” from full time job…….to start a new life!!!!

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

This is a PENIS ENLARGEMENT FORUM, and whether it's tiny, medium or already huge, you are equally welcome to share how you grow it bigger and what this means to you!!!


Your huge, but I know what your saying it still sucks when you can’t seem to get that next gain, The longest till now I ever had to wait was 4 months most of the time I would get a .25 every 3 months. I’m starting to wonder if there is some truth that doing squeezes and full erect jelqing is counter productive, I seemed to be making better gains when I wasn’t doing them. I started them about the time my gains stopped. I’m going to check out that thread by Avocet 8’s “synergy between pumping and jelquing
and maybe give it a try. PM me before you come to NY


Everyone gets to that point

We all get to a point where it seems the gains cease. You have to work through them. I was at that point at the end of last year. Now all of a sudden it is changing and I am noticing some good gains in flaccid length which I really wanted. This whole program just requires a lot of attention and focus. You must constantly remind yourself that what you are doing will work and remember to imagine how you want you penis to appear. That is the important thing. It really works, you must remain totally focused to attain your results.

I have no gains I been check out this forum 4 a while now


I took this post out you already have a thread started with the same ????


Anythings possible

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Wow I forgot it took me 7 months to get .25 and than another 4 months to get the other .25 to reach my goal. I think I need a break I seem to be working harder for less and less of a return.
After hearing reports from 7-up”magnum” of big gains after a long break maybe that’s what some of us need, like myself and guys like p-9 who seem to be stuck.



Any and everybody in here has gained more than me, I don’t even need to compare gains. I’ve been at this for so long and- nothing. Currently I hang 11 lbs. approx. 5 sessions a day for 20 min. = nothing. The only advice I get and accept is “keep at it, it will happen eventually” which I do.

My gains are as follows:
erect- base girth 3/8, shaft girth 0, length 0
flaccid- girth 0, length 0

Not to underestimate anybody else’s situation, but some of you guys were already born big. You already women in awe :eek2: at your size, so in essence you really don’t have a problem, just looking for extra icing for the cake.

Yep life is a beach. Not only can a person be born with an average or slightly below size penis. You might even be lucky enough to be one of the individuals that are labeled a slow gainer. :spin:


I’ve been flat-out plateaued for five months, almost since you started this thread. No erect gains, length or girth. I do admit that I’ve been taking some short cuts lately (no returns for the work) but I still get a pretty good workout 5 x a week. I can’t complain, I’m now a third of an inch larger both ways than my goal was.

However, in spite of no erect gains at all, flaccid gains are continuing (go figure!). I have far more “good hang” days now than not and that keeps me at the routine.

I think there must be something to the “take a long break” theory: come back to PE after months and you see some change but I haven’t been able to stop PE. :-)

Magnum XL has a real intersting thread at PE F. on tunica changes which may apply to you and me. I’m going to ask him to start the discussion here. What he says makes a great deal of sense to me.



Hey T-Rex !

I can understand you , I have smilar problems . Lots of work and not much gains . And I also know the ” the thinner , the easier to stretch ” - Theory . But I asked myself : if I could choose : my current length and more extra girth or my girth and extra length , I would not think about it very long . So I decided to concentrate only on girth. I will start with my program after my holidays in 3 weeks :

in the morning 30 min. alternating every 5 min. pumping with hot water and powerjelqing

the same in the evening and in the later evening 3 sets of extreme ulis .

I look forward to it and think , if this won´t help , what else could do it !!!!!

perhaps you can take some elemsents for your girthroutine from it

all the best Wantmore

The sky is the limit ( or the ground ) !

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