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IPR question

IPR question

I could be wrong, but from the IPR routine that xeno’s training was based on, there seem to be guys taking a liberal interpretation and using it as a routine. Not that there is anything completely wrong with this - it just wouldn’t be a strict, exact IPR routine as described by xeno.

I am not a shill for the guy, and I am not able to do the routine, as described, because I wouldn’t be able to wear an ADS for the amount of time required to do the routine as called for.

Also, I see guys saying they are training ‘1 on, 2 off in an IPR routine.’ Again, if that is on-going for more than 5 workouts in 2 weeks, followed by 4 weeks of ADS before 2 months of rest - that isn’t strictly the routine described by xeno. It seems that some guys are doing a liberal take on the routine. I am not trying to create an issue of this - it’s just an observation.

I am just in the stages where I am learning what I can do and be on the good side of training, as opposed to over training. With that said, for guys who are doing a strict interpretation of xeno’s routine - how does a guy know what weight and number of sets (I guess that would apply most to clamp style hangers) to begin with when they re-begin their routines after decon breaks?

With only 5 workouts, there isn’t any room for experimentation to figure out what a guy can tolerate in training (amount of weight, or number of jelqs to know if he is over, or under-training, and be exact or as optimal as possible). With there being such a short active PE phase (I phase), to strictly follow the routine, a guy who have to get directly to the 5 training days in 2 weeks.

I know xeno eventually got to 40+ lbs with his hanging before he discovered his IPR routine, so maybe (one would have to assume) he knew his unit well enough to plan what weight and time to use based on his knowledge of himself? But, again, what are others who are following a strict IPR routine using as a guideline for what time and weight to begin with when they return from a decon break?

You don`t have to follow exactly the same routine that xeno used, It still works even if you change it a little.

The reason that the routine works in the first place is because of the two months break that you take before you start doing the routine.

You can follow the IPR routine without using an extender/ADS, You can also do more than five workouts, IMO you should keep doing it until the gains stops, And if you want to do even more workouts you can look at it as cementing.

I would start with 3 kilos and 30-40 minutes.

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