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The strangest thing happen during my morning workout on friday I almost broke my left index finger while jelging lol seriousl though this puts a wet cloth over ma plans for july

I wish you a speedy recovery, Travis.

I have not idea it jus felt as I I was dislocated I had to shit back into place was really pain

Man, that’s tough. Certain grips really aggravate my arthritis. Maybe something like that has happened to you? Good luck to you, travis. It’s a drag to have to wait to get pack to PE because of an injury of any kind.

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ouch, good luck friend, take it easy as you know and keep the faith, your arm and fingers will probaly grow stronger if you take a couple day break to let your hand regenerate and grow stronger. It is a known fact that jelqing and stretching excersizes help to gradually make your arms and hands stronger depending how you do it… good luck!

I’m just trying to picture this… I can’t see it….

Hope you heal up soon


Pretty good Travis: It doesn’t quite beat breaking a toe by dropping a weight on it while hanging, Or Capt. Hooks story about a pretty funny weight drop that brought him on to the floor while on the phone with a woman who asked if he was alright, but it ranks right up there.

Get well soon

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Lol shit happens I have been read alot of pe since and I realise that I could manage with one hand jus need to get the right routine . ANY ONE HANDED PE’ers OUT THERE PLZ GIVE SOME TIPS AND A GOOD ROUTINE

Ok sign around base, kegel hard, jelq, ok sign off and back to base, kegel hard, repeat. The point being to keep the blood flow going with strong kegels, when you take your one hand off kegel hard to keep blood flow optimal. Does that help? Don’t let a little thing like one arm keep you down, big guy. :)

Mr nine

I will tell you after I have tried it I should be working out ob tuesday

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