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Got injured: Inner bleeding in shaft.

Got injured: Inner bleeding in shaft.

Great, just now, after a day off i injured my self.
During my workout, after I did 5 min wrap + hot water on my dick, then 3 sets of stretches (lower left, lower right, lower, forward, left, right, up in circle moation). Did another 3 min wrap, and started jelqing…
I jelqed kinda hard I guess, only did like 20 or 30 when i notice some thing has “popped” on a minor vain in my dick, it bleeded abit, and turned out to be a black-red spot (really small one though). I stopped my jelqing the minute I saw it, did another hot wrap, and ended up my PEing for the day.
Now I wanna know what’s that spot? how long will it take me till I could PE again, what should I do to get rid of it faster?

Thanks alot

Ok, thought something reguarding to this on injuries forum.

Im sorry for the typos in the last port aswell.

PEler, could you post a picture of your injury? We may be able to advise you better then.

Please make sure you post it in the member pictures section, however.

Good idea, took pics… but I dont got priviladge to write a new post in Member’s Pics forum… what do I need to do for writing there?

It appears to me you have burst a vein. I’ve done that a couple of times too when I started with horses too soon. I think mine were never bigger than 0.2” in diameter. The veins themselves heals pretty fast but the spots takes a couple of days to go away. When such a thing happens it means your dick isn’t conditioned enough for the intensity of the exercise you performed. You probably need to jelq lighter or jelq at a lower erection level for a while.

Aye, when it happend I did high itensity and high eraction jelq.

Though the spot is almost totaly gone now after only 12 houres. And I didnt feel anything in the first place, just saw the dot. But ill take few days off just to play it safe.

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