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I'm Already Callin' It Quits!

I think Wad hit it …well…umm…on the head with “post workout shrinkage”. Especially if this is your first go at PE.

Your dicks probably just recovering from the initial shock of being informed that maybe it’s time to grow. When I first started PE, I had some amazing newbie luck. Like .75 length in about a months time! Fuck I was shocked this shit actually worked. Morning wood and spontaneous erections through out the day returned over night. I had all but thought something was wrong with me that I hadn’t gotten morning wood in about 10 years. I was wondering if this was what the Who meant when they sang “hope I die before I get old”. Seriously, I was getting depressed about it. I could still fuck all night and keep a good stiff erection as long as I wanted before coming, but once I blew - that was it. And the refractory period had gone from mere minutes to days over the years. Hell I can remember being sucked and fucked all night long on numerous occasions during my teens and 20’s. The more I thought about that, the more depressed I got. Aye yes, youth gone bye and those horny little birds along with it. Like I said I had some great all around newbie results at first. Even the wife started asking if I was taking vitamins or something. Then she said “well maybe I just never took a real good look at it” - fuck 22 years and you never took a good luck at my cock? RFLMAO! Then I had to take a couple of weeks off because I lost my daytime privacy temporarily, and that’s when I lost about a third of the gains I had made. Big bummer to say the least. When I was able to return to regular PEing the growth didn’t come so good anymore, and that sucks for me. In fact I think I’m heading over to the “hard gainer” category now. In spite of this, I’ve resolved that I’ll never give it up as long as there is the very real possibility that I can indeed grow. So If you want to come along and pull on your dick for a week and then tell us all to go F ourselves because you didn’t get your instant gratification, well I guess that’s your choice. Sorry to hear you weren’t given a bigger dick in life, maybe you should try working for it. Everything I’ve mention has been compassionately discussed ad naseum in a shit load of other threads already. Even your whining. Maybe you should try doing some reading and posting to better your understanding. Then if you choose to come back and apologize, well there’s a good chance that a lot of the people here now will still be around. It’s kind of like my mother used to say: hey asshole if you ain’t got nothing good to say to anyone, then just shut the fuck up!

I’m one of those people who does what we’re told not to do. I measure compulsively. I measure every single time I PE, and look for sub millimetre changes. I can almost sense before getting the ruler out what I’m going to see because I’ve done it so often.

Seeing a loss doesn’t concern me in the least because I’ve learnt the pattern of my dicks response to the exercise and how if fluctuates in the days following, but I can understand why it might throw someone who was expecting a gain and saw a loss. Either you need to not measure very often, or measure so often that you understand it’s personality. The latter is probably best left until you have confidence that PE works (which is a suprisingly common question despite the number of active members here).

The stock market analogy above is a very apt one. Far more people quit that achieve financial security, the biggest difference is you’ll never be out of the PE game because of financial constraints. It truly is an everyman event and a great equalizer. Measuring monthly averages will probably show a very different trend to a very short timeframe such as a week.

If you really are following the newbie routine to the letter, then I would wager that it is *impossible* to lose length compared to an untrained state. In contrast, it’s very likely that tissue could increase stiffness and appear shorter, but that’s just a temporary issue that will resolve itself. Keep plugging away, but be acutely aware that more does not necessarily equate to better. The untrained state is a golden window to influence the tissues that will never be quite the same again. Overtraining will see the end of it quicker than anything else.

On the positive note for not believers. If penis can shrink because of PE it proves that it can grow as well. Meaning now you at least know PE affects penis size. So keep going and cut off the intensity/duration of PE.

Let’s not be too hard on Hopesfall. After all, he’s just starting out and is questioning the credibility of all this PE talk. Plus, it seems like poetic justice that someone trying to grow his penis would actually shrink it. As my mother would say, it’s God punishing you for wanting something you shouldn’t be wanting.

If not for my quick newbie gains, I would certainly not be here now. These days, I often notice shrinkage after heavy hanging sets, and I still find it discouraging. This can be a slow processs. Success requires patience, learning, and a long-term view.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

With all due respect to all the members here, it pisses me off when I hear people talking about how they have gained or loss .2 ” or whatever. I mean, do you know how small that is. It’s such a low number and there are so many variables to play into size. If you see a 1/2 inch different or 1 inch difference, thats another story, but damn, there are times when my flaccid is 3 1/2 to 4 inches and other times when I am hanging around 5”.

Don’t worry about these small gains or losses, chances are, they are not even that, they are just factors going on making your dick appear larger or bigger compared to last time.

PE is real and it works, but give it time and patience. Don’t worry about these “small” movements in size, focus on the bigger picture.

I know if I get up in a morning and get my best possible erection and measure, then force the penis down hard for a moment to stretch the ligs, then re-measure, I can add about 1/4”. The next day it looks like it’s diminished again but if I repeat the procedure the 1/4” is magically back again.

Stuff like this is no issue if you know it happens, but if you don’t then you might think your dick is shrinking when it’s not. It’s also the reason I’m not entirely sure of my pre-PE size, because I didn’t know this idiosyncrasy back then.

Another thing it might be is a newbie is not used to measuring and until one does it several times it’s not as accurate. I think proper measuring is one of those things that takes a little time to really get good at it enough to be consistent. By the time you get through the newbie routine you should have it down.


Ignore those that insult and make jokes, they are insignificant in the big picture of your life. My recommendation is to PE for a month and re-evaluate whether you wish to quit. With 1 week of PE you do not have enough data to extrapolate the optimal course of action, you have merely spooked yourself with the perception of a smaller size.

If the current trend continues and in a month you have no dick left, I apologise profusely and take it all back. :)


>I’m one of those people who does what we’re told not to do.I measure compulsively. I measure every single time I PE, and look for sub millimetre changes.<

You should definitely not measure every few weeks only.


Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
You should definitely not measure every few weeks only.


Do you mean definately should only every few weeks? I know I’ll get a slating for this, but I can currently measure a difference after every single workout (twice per week). It’s the feedback loop for the routine I’m experimenting with. If I don’t measure then I don’t know what days to train and when not to. I know this flies in the face of already proven methods, but I am after all an experimenter :D

You are more than likely overtraining. I first had this problem when I started weightlifting and when I started PE. You do have to find what works for you but obviously what you are doing isnt helping and is making things worse. Stop PEing for now, take a break for a week and start again taking it slow. I would suggest doing low intensity manual exercises a few times a week for just a few minutes and work your way up.

My dick is always “waxing and waning,” after 16 months of PE. And just when I think I’ve lost all my gains, (erect, not flaccid—the latter seem “cemented)—old woodrow comes roaring back stronger and longer and thicker than ever. Figure it out. I can’t.

Like Shiver, I measure it often. So it doesn’t bother me if junior decides to go into a “turtle” mode. I remember those maximum stats, and they were real even if they weren’t “cemented.”

And I know with patience and consistency, and not overtraining, I’ll hit them again. There is a lot of great advice in this thread—words from the wise.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg



Well, I might be doing that. My exact routine is this:

5-10 Warm up (Shower or Warm Towel)
5-10 A & V Stretchs w/ little manual stretches mixed in
5-15 Wet Jelq —-> Could my grip be too hard? Is the overtraining here?
5 Stretches
5 Warm down

This all happens in the shower, also.

Another bad thing is I had sex last night with my girlfriend of 9 months, and she didn’t enjoy it. Neither of us could have an orgasm, and she said that it didn’t feel as “big” as it used to. I just shrugged that off and blamed it on the fact that I couldn’t keep an erection (which is another problem I am experiencing). So we just hung out for awhile, and then she left. It felt really awkward, and I am somewhat ashamed.

For all of your nay-sayers who feel I am just a newbie with an overactive imagination, I agree with you. But, this seems like reality to me.

Anyone have any idea if I am overtraining or why I might not be able to keep an erection (my penis almost goes numb)? She went down on me when I started losing my erection and I still couldnt get off … she has a mouth that most girls would PRAY for.


I’d advise you to cut out the A and V stretches at this early stage and concentrate on basic stretching (just pull straight out in different directions) and jelqing. You don’t need to pull hard for the stretches - if you can feel just a little stretch somewhere inside your fat pad, then you’re set. Your grip for jelqing doesn’t need to be hard either - if you can see or feel a small pumping with each jelq, then that’s all you need. Jelqing really doesn’t need you to grip and yank as if you wanted to pull your penis right off. Grip your penis like you’d hold a pen - keep things light and comfortable. That’s all that’s needed at your (and my) stage, I think.

While we’re on the subject of advice, have you found out your LOT yet? That could be useful to us in order to give you better advice, and predict what exercises or practices would give you better gains.

Hope this helps.

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Learn to read your body. You are over training I think because PE should enhance your erection not hinder it. You might try working every other day or 2 days on and 2 days off. Listen to your body and it will tell you.

I wish I could listen to my body well, but it gives me very little singles. My LOT is low, around 2 or 3 … I have been trying to my stretches at a high angle in order to workout my tunica. I’ll cut ou the A and V stretches, but they are the only techniques that really make me feel like anything is being stretched. As for jelqs, I hold tight enough that when I am getting to the gland it feel as if I have a full erection. Is that too tight?

I might take 2 days on and 2 days off … keep it light. I’m trying to get this right, but it is pretty hard for me to read my body. I have had plenty of outstanding issues with my penis (when bent I have a popping noise, but it doesnt hurt; after sophomore year my penis stopped growing; very small flaccid hang). So any advice is needed and appreciated!

For all those who have honestly attempted to help, thank you so much. I wish I could pay you for your time because it is extremely valuable.

Thanks —- Drew


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