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I'm Already Callin' It Quits!


I'm Already Callin' It Quits!

I know someone already told me don’t measure for a couple months, but after measuring after this week I have become truly disheartened.

I have lost .3 length and .2 girth.

After three days I measured, and I had lost .2 length and .1 girth. Some guys told me to keep with it, so I kept with it finally completing my first week. So I decided to check and see if everything is back to normal.

Guess what? It’s even smaller. I can even look at it and see that it is smaller, it’s pretty bad.

I know someone has had this happen to them, so I was curious was the best remedy is? Could I be doing something wrong, or should I just stop?

*** I am only doing the newbie routine by the book ***

—- Drew

Hopesfall, you should probably go see a doctor, you might have a very rare disorder known as ” disappearing dick syndrome”.

Seriously dude, its your imagination. You probably measured poorly to start with. It’s also possible you could be overtraining.


you’re on it for one! week. Give your cock time to adjust to the new stimuli. You can’t expect results overnight. This is not a magic program nor the exercises work wonders in just 7 days.

I’m wondering what exactly is your routine?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

lol I’ve never heard of it shrinking!

Quiting after one week.
Well you gave it a try, and you failed so good luck.

Try going to the gym and doing a set of biceps curls. Then the next day measure. I’ll bet it didn’t get any bigger either. Your just not very bright it would seem.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Growth can only happen after shrinking. What PE does is make microtears in the penis and then, provided you give yourself adequate rest days for growth, the penis builds back up on those microtears. If you measured during those days when your body was still recovering and building back on the tears, shrinkage would be bound to show up. On a side note, a week of PE is not enough time to make a judgement on results. Give it a month or two before you measure, or you will be disappointed. Keep with it and you will reach your goals. Like anything worth doing, PE takes time and dilligence.

It’s alright … I expected the ridicule, but it is really disheartening. Lots of psychological facts play into this, and you are all right. It’s just tough, that’s all. I’ll keep at my routine and build on it, but I just have this fear ever since I read some members post about his dick getting smaller. I forget who, and it was awhile back.

Sorry for the whining already, sorry.


I don’t think the guys ridicule you. Just ask questions and we’ll be happy to provide answers. We all have been there…I assume…;)

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Uncut4Big / Mike


Don’t be so hard on yourself!! And don’t measure!!
Give it a couple of months at least before you measure!! Just focus on it feeling fuller and full of more blood more often.


In a couple of months we’ll be calling you “Hopesrise!!” :angel:

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I can offer several possibilities:
(1) inconsistent measuring (you have to do it the exact same way)
(2) varying levels of erection (were you edging the first time, but only 90-95% the second time?)
(3) you may have simply experienced post-workout shrinkage
(4) even your newbie routine may have caused overtraining - remember, it’s only a rough guideline. You have to adjust.

Try this:
(1) Stop whining. I’ve never heard of PE resulting in lost size; a break from PE may cause this, but not PE - unless you’re overtraining.
(2) Whatever you were doing, cut it in half.
(3) Whatever schedule you were on, go to every other day.

Give that a try - and not for 3 days either. Give it a full month. And when you measure, measure rock hard, and be sure to place the ruler in the exact same place (I line up the inner hash marks with the centerline of my penis - to the piss hole). And if you measure sitting, do it that way every time. CONSISTENCY.

Does it makes sense to you that PE would cause shrinkage?

We don’t always have consistent erections. I have weeks when I’m long and strong, and I have weeks when I’m a gimp.
Bib used to say, “Measuring and PE is like the stock market. You have your up days and down days, but the general trend is up.”

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.


by the way..I haven’t checked yet but are your new pics up?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Originally Posted by hopesfall

*** I am only doing the newbie routine by the book ***

OK, that was the Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine you were following, right?

Not the Newbie Penis Reduction Routine?

Several new members have already been fooled by this, and experienced similar results, and I really think that the NPRR should at least have it’s own thread, or even forum…


p.s. Listen to wad!


If you really must measure often, measure bone pressed flaccid stretched (BPFS). Use the same ruler and measure in the same position - sitting or standing. But learn to do it infrequently - as hard as that may be. No good can come from frequent measuring.

The only time you should ever measure erect length is when you have a killer hard on happening. I mean a 101% rager. If you’re struggling at all with your erection level, don’t bother measuring. You’ll just bring yourself down.

Hi Uncut,

Not yet. WannaB9x7 has taught me how to use the digital, how to upload, and how to attach a pic to an email—quite an accomplishment for me.

I’ve been taking measured pics for a week or so now, but I’m not satisfied with any of them yet. However, they’re getting better.

He and Goomba are consulting on the pics I’ve taken so far, to make them as non-controversial as possible. If and when they give me the go-ahead, I’ll post them. If they say, “No go,” then I won’t. Hank, Goomba, RWG and Andy have all given me feedback and will help me make the final decision on whether to post or not.

This is all based on Memento’s original advice to me.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Sorry dude, bye

This stuff doesn’t work anyway. I just like to read all the lies here.

Just kidding. I got a laugh reading the title.


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