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I was blown away! Need advice


I also agree, the size of a dick is not important, it is how you use what you got. The warmth of your member can not compare to any rubber dick. I would not compare your member to any of her toys what she uses them for is her own thing. Yours is to be happy and proud of what you have naturally or through PE. Develop plans to make the best and outstanding love to her and she will want you over any of her toys on those cold winter nights. Good luck, Dude.

That would freak me out. A big giant dildo. Women are strange though, who knows whats going on in her mind when she uses it. Maybe its not sexual at all but some kind of self actualizeing comfort thing. Dont be unjustly cruel to her or yourself. Maybe if you could determine how often she uses them. Perhaps its infrequent and only when shes stressed.

She may not even orgasm per say when using it.

You know -it may not- be a sexual thing but more of a PAIN thing, you know? Just because it involves a vagina and dildo does not mean that its what we men would consider a sexually centered type of mastraubation thing. It could be something totally different, some kind of psychological thing that has nothing to do with cocks, and lovers. Take it easy and check her out…you said she was cheated on? Maybe its some kinda of over compensation get back at my cheating husband trip perhaps. God life can be complicated.
I wish I had a grilfriend. Luck.

Thanks Copper and poppa. I’ve been away on business so it’s been tough to post here lately. I can hear where you are coming from. It just might be something like that I dunno but reflecting on it still makes me cringe a little but I’m over it. Like I said before she is a little loose so it wouldn’t surprise me if she uses it. Whether it’s regularly I doubt it cos we are together pretty much every spare minute we both have.


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