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I was blown away! Need advice

>>Thus far the replies have been very helpful. I am about to call her in a few minutes and tell her that it upset me and that I need a couple of days by myself to get over it.>>

Don’t do this man!!!! (Hope I’m not too late). She didn’t want to show you the toys in the first place. She will feel that she can’t be herself around you sexually. She’ll need to have secrets. You get it? You need to let her have her fun with the toys and don’t get jealous of bits of plastic and rubber. Understand this:The toys NEED to be that big to compensate for the lack of warmth, motion, and emotion that a real live guy brings to the bedroom.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

It may be a blessing that I got her voicemail. Avocet and luvadus I agree that it is stupid but I did agree with her to be open and discuss anything that may be of concern. Guess I will take the advice and stuff it down for now and try to let it roll off my back. I do know that I don’t think of her the same way sexually as I sit and ponder this. I hope it doesn’t affect our sex life.

She’s the one, and I would hate to see it go to waste over something like this. I bet I will feel better about it as time goes by. I’ve just never experienced something like this before with someone.

Thanks again. :-)

This is like me asking my current girlfriend about past lovers she had. She told me she measured a guys dick that was 13 inches long not hard. I didnt believe her but i feel ashamed to pull my dick out now around her. Something i really didnt want to here but oh well. Anyway i know how it makes you feel. Even though it wasnt a dildo but a real dick she claimed to have measure that big. 9 x 8 is scary but the scary part is the girth on those fuckers holy cow!!!!

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Either she met the biggest dick in the world, or she measured in a really messed up way….. or she’s a liar.

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I understand how you feel. I also felt little awkward about my ex-wife’s vibrators. I actually bought one for her birthday last year. I was hoping we could use them as part of sex play. Also, she was going out of town a lot on her job and I thought she might enjoy it (maybe I was thinking that it would also help her to keep her mind off other men).

However, when I “caught” her using it when I was home and wanting to have sex with her it felt like I caught her with another man. Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem with her using it I just didn’t want it to become my replacement. That night I thought is was a substitute for me.

I had gone upstairs looking for her and heard this vibrating sound coming from the bathroom and went to open the door and it was locked. I could hear her panic behind the door. When she finally opened it, I saw the vibrator I had bought for her partially covered with a towel. I was in semi-shock and pulled out an unopened condom, that was tucked in the back of my boxers, and tossed it on the towel.

That night I had this terrible feeling and began to snoop through her purse while she was asleep (we went to bed mad at each other). What the truth was she was having an affair with another guy for a year and was probably fantasizing about him. I found a sex note to her lover in her purse. I was now completely in shock!


Just throwing my two cents in here briefly. If she was really into that size exclusively, a.k.a. 10x8” then after the first time she saw your penis she would have stopped seeing you. While it may be something that she enjoys at times, it doesn’t mean she wants that all the time.

I just hope that you don’t end it over something like this. Just remember that a man can be measured by more than his penis size and she will notice that a lot more than the bulge between your legs.

Okay not trying to preach, good luck either way. :)

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Originally posted by erm1981
This is like me asking my current girlfriend about past lovers she had. She told me she measured a guys dick that was 13 inches long not hard. I didnt believe her but i feel ashamed to pull my dick out now around her. Something i really didnt want to here but oh well. Anyway i know how it makes you feel. Even though it wasnt a dildo but a real dick she claimed to have measure that big. 9 x 8 is scary but the scary part is the girth on those fuckers holy cow!!!!

I highly doubt that. I find that women will often lie about past lovers as a control tactic in the bedroom.

If it’s true, than he has got the biggest one that I have ever heard of, in porn or otherwise. (highly unlikely)

I don’t think I could end the relationship over something like this but it was a shocker that’s for sure. Ophios I definitely understand what you went through with your ex. I caught an ex fiance’ of mine cheating red handed and almost went to jail because I pounded the living shit out of the guy (my so called friend Pete) with a beer mug that was on the night stand.

2 years of probation and having to move out of state after because I couldn’t deal with what I had done made me realise that some things just aren’t worth getting pissed about. After that stuff happens a guy tends to be a little sensitive to anything replacing his manhood. Funny thing is that I used to work out with Pete and he was smaller than me in that dept.

Anyways I’m gonna keep plugging and try to let this little incident fade.

I know a wonderful girl who has a 9” dildo. She uses it to ‘reach all her good spots’ when her boyfriend is not around.

She says his dick is about 6” hard… she acually said it looks between 5 and 6 inches long. He is 6’1” tall. She also said it was pretty fat.

When asked if she would prefer her boyfriend had a bigger dick she laughed and said ‘YES, of course!’ But she also said she would rather fuck him than play with the dildo any day!

She likes fucking… she told me so.

Don’t worry about the dildo. Reach down and rub her clit as you fuck her… rub it till she bucks, sweats, moans, gyrates, screams, flushes your cock with her cum, looks into your eyes amazed that YOU gave her that incredible orgasm… so when she uses the dildo, she’s thinking about you!

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Dude first I’d measure the dildos to. Girth looks insanly bigger even 1 inch of it. Also check how squishy it is.. Plus are you sure she puts them in quite a ways. I know some usualy just insert a little bit. If she is putting it way in and shes loose seems fucked up. On second thought when we are jerking off and use a tight grip it simulates a tight strong muscled vagina, doesn’t mean we dont’ like our partners though.

How true randolf. Think of all the things we do to our cocks with our hands that a pussy could never do. And then consider all the things a pussy does for our cocks that our hands can’t do. It’s a toy Oldpunker, you have to keep this in perspective. A cold, lifeless, rubber toy made in a smelly factory in China. It has no mind, no soul. Your girlfriend gives it life with her imagination and then throws it into a dark closet. You give it life with yours but you’re forgetting to put it back where it belongs. You’ve turned a fucking toy into a living breathing nemesis.

Do not mention this to her until you have your head screwed on straight. Luvdadus is right, it’s a mistake. If you approach her any time soon you risk her feeling that the trust between you has been compromised.
Women do not understand how men feel about dick size. They can’t relate. The only way she can take you being critical is either A. You think she’s a freak, or B. She will think you’re a freak.

Stay cool and wait for the dust in your head to settle before burdening her with your problem.

BTW- I’m glad you cracked Pete’s head open. The prick. You said it all when you said “he was smaller than me”.


Captnook’s right there. Even with the best intentions, women can’t understand how men feel about dick size. They’ll always be consumers, not producers.

If your lady was really unsatisfied, she wouldn’t be with you in the first place. But she’s with you, she doesn’t have to be, but she is, because of the way you make her feel. If she really was that hung up about cocks she wouldn’t be worth your time anyway. Life’s too short.

Anyway, she probably didn’t want to show you her toys because of what you might think of her, not because of anything to do with dick preference.

Hope you get it all worked out -

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Yes, do not mention it! She didn’t want you to see it in the first place… I got my wife a ‘huge’ one think it was called the “Bam” and it is slightly over 8’ girth at the head and nearly 10 inches long… I know she has tried it but for some reason does not want me to be the one operating it lol… I’ve always liked sticking big stuff into girls, call me sick but it turns me on… You are lucky that she opened herself up to you and let you know about her toys…. It means she trusts you a great deal… Ask her if you can fuck her with it, you will feel better after…



You know the old adage: “Don’t ask, you may not like the answer.”

What’s next? Are you going to insist that she gives you a run-down of all the exact sizes of her former x’s?

What if she tells you that she’s been with guys bigger than those toys? Are you going to “fall out of love,” dump her? Sulk for 2 weeks? Slit your wrists?

If you confront her about the toys, she’ll never be sexually honest with you ever again. And, she might even want to find a man who will accept her, not dump on her.

My ex had a massive vibrator -must have been about 10x6.5. She preferred me any day of the week though.

She had had a child before I met her and despite this and using her big toy she could always feel and would comment on the odd occasion when I was bigger than normal.

I never had any reason to be jealous of her big plastic toy because she loved me.

If you’re gonna get jealous then get jealous for the right reasons -not just because of a piece of plastic.

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