I want to buy a hanger - need advice


It’s been a long time since my last post, and also since the last time I PE-d on a regular basis (well, a long time for me - about 3 weeks).

I am considering buying a hanger and I’m now looking at either a Bib (if they are still available) or a Vac extender/hanger. I’ve used in the past (with acceptable success) a home made loop hanger, but when I up the weight I feel more soreness where it’s attached than in my ligs/tunica so it’s starting to do more bad than good.

I don’t have the tools, time or materials to manufacture a captn’s wrench or any other hanger I see here on the forum.

Thank you!

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08