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I Think My Teacher Does PE


I Think My Teacher Does PE

I was in class the other day And my teacher trailed off from the daily hospitality lesson. He told a joke about a elephant and a mouse.

“A elephant and a mouse were very close friends and took walks in the forest every day together. One day as they were walking the elephant fell into a really deep hole. “get me out of here get me out of here”, he screamed. The mouse was to small to get him out. So he decided to run back home and hop into the Ferrari. The mouse came back tied a chain to the elephant and the Ferrari and pulled the elephant out. “Oh thank you so much, whatever you need for now on I will do it for you.” So they continued to walk and then the mouse fell into a REALLY deep hole. Get me out of her. Get me out of here!” screamed the mouse. So the elephant tried to grab him with his trunk but he could not reach. So he walked over the hole stuck his Dick in the hole and let the mouse climb up.
The moral of the story……If you have a big dick you don’t need a Ferrari”

After telling us this story which had very little to do with hospitality, he said that he has a little Corolla. BUT! he also stated that he used to have a Corvette. Also he said that he once had a size 8 shoe, and now he has size 12. What was he trying to Imply?

I wondered if mabye he had done PE to go from a “Corvette to a Corolla”. So when Monday rolled around I decided to bring a clamp into class and play with it. As he was teaching his lesson I clicked it all the way, and he immediately stopped in his tracks. He came over to me and i got kind of nervous that he was going to tell the whole class that I PE. HE asked me with a strong curiosity “what do you use that thing for?”. I quickly said that I use it to hang my keys.

Now what is weird is that he did not ask me what it was. He asked what I used it for. Which could very well mean that he knows what it is and knows that its not only used to gather wires.

Now If he does do PE, and he was small before and is now big like he implied then he has one hell of a good routine. My teacher is packing heat! I Sometimes glance at his package and I can see his shaft start to go down one leg. He is at least 7 inches flaccid and really thick!

This situation makes me think. How many people out there that you meet do PE. You must run into one at least every so often. Who knows.

Haha thats funny! You should call him out in private, maybe he’ll give you a better grade.

Maybe hes on these boards ;)

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You may just need to courage it up and say… “so what were you implying with the shoe size reference?”

He very well may be on this board… that would be one hell of a twist.

Hopefully other members here can try and think of ways to help you get to the bottom of this…

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You should stay after class and swap stories.

I think your teacher might be out of a job soon.

Maybe you should hold your clamp up in front of him while making knowing glances towards his crotch.

Originally Posted by Klayton
Maybe you should hold your clamp up in front of him while making knowing glances towards his crotch.


Where some cable clamp on your bag pack and see if he notice.

Originally Posted by gprent

I think your teacher might be out of a job soon.

The same thought crossed my mind.

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Yeah I think it would get pretty weird if I had a teacher who was trying to imply that he had a big dick through a story he told the class. Haha I would say he is either pushing “penis pills” or does PE! Weird story though. TMI from a teacher lol.

Oh shit, I’m exposed. ;) I thought I heard it was a clamp and now I’m right. Please don’t tell anyone. I love my job at law school.


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I say bring in different PE references weekly… let’s say the vac hanger(without cord and sleeve), not many know what it is unless they do PE. Then come in with a T-shirt that says” I’m a PE’er”…See his reaction then.

Originally Posted by Dr. Manhatten

What was he trying to Imply?


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We used to call Physical Ed. ‘P.E.’ at school. Tell your teacher that you are going to take PE more seriously because you need to bulk up a bit, and see what his reaction is!

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